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The Worst Smell In The World

By, Nan Claire Duggar Falkner

Once upon summertime, Mike went fishing with his friends to the mountains in the beautiful Colorado Rockies.  They went to a new spot to fish where they had never been before.  It was beautiful and picturesque just like a postcard.

Three days later, they had eaten all the food they brought, drank all the spirits they had brought and all of the beer! They had caught 28 really good trout.

Impressed with themselves, they scaled, cleaned and bagged fish.  Proud and happy, they took them home and placed the fish in our garage freezer.

It wasn’t plugged in.



(Authors note:  True story. We hired a company to take the fridge to the dump.  The title of this story IS accurate!)



By, Nan Duggar Falkner

After months of quarantine, having gone through all the cool recipes from my mother,  I needed to go to the store.

In the sunroom, I moved some furniture and set two tables with my best china pink Fostoria glasses, and silverware and linen napkins we received as wedding gifts fifty years ago.  I was beaming!   The tables looked awesome.

I was proud of myself!

I decided to whip up a special dinner for my husband on Valentine’s Day.

He loved my one-hour rolls which really are delicious.  Opening the cupboard, I looked for ingredients.

Drat!  I had no yeast!