By, Nan Duggar Falkner

After months of quarantine, having gone through all the cool recipes from my mother,  I needed to go to the store.

In the sunroom, I moved some furniture and set two tables with my best china pink Fostoria glasses, and silverware and linen napkins we received as wedding gifts fifty years ago.  I was beaming!   The tables looked awesome.

I was proud of myself!

I decided to whip up a special dinner for my husband on Valentine’s Day.

He loved my one-hour rolls which really are delicious.  Opening the cupboard, I looked for ingredients.

Drat!  I had no yeast!



  1. Yes, I can echo Neil’s remark. You can’t get flour for love nor money right now. And I guess if I look in my cupboard the bag that’s there will be eons beyond the expiry date.

    • I don’t always buy yeast at the store, but when I do I check the date on it. I made flattened rolls once with old yeast. Was funny looking. Thanks for reading my story!

      • I had some that was “past due” but that doesn’t mean it’s dead. 1 tbsp sugar, 1/4 cup of warm water and the yeast. Mix and wait 10 minutes. You’ll know if it’s alive 😉 They say to do this even with non-expired yeast. I can imagine your flattened rolls were funny looking! 😉

  2. Nice! Another saga of couples learning to cook all over again. Which reminds me, there’s a pizza crust made from self-rising flour and Greek yogurt. Supposed to be delicious.
    Five outta five atsa-matta-U’s.

  3. My friend’s mom has been trying to find yeast for a month. I think she finally found some. Entertaining take on what we’re all going through.

    I really hope we’re not still in quarantine come Valentine’s Day.

    • Sorry you can’t get yeast and some of the readers can’t get flour. I live in Kansas, USA. and we haven’t had a shortage yet. Good luck! Thanks for reading my story and commenting!!

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