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Whatever Lola Wants


One week down, and five to go on Mike’s shoulder and I’m still here! When you take a bunch of heavy powered pain pills – there are side effects!   Those have been worked out and now on to healing – then the real fun starts – PHYSICAL THERAPY! Thanks for all the well-wishes for him – he really appreciated it!


By, Nan Claire Falkner

Walking into the Lotus Bar she sat on the only clean stool. Looking up, she noticed the fly strips were overloaded.

She killed a fly with her menu and yelled “Martin – get in here!” Scraping the fly off the menu and putting it back in place.

“What ya want Lola?”

“Put new strips up there. If they start falling off again, the Health Department will come back.”

Cursing, he went to the supply closet.

Tall, blond and handsome walked inside and removed his sunglasses. He took off his Indian jacket and hung it up.

Lola smiled, “Things are looking up!”

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Volunteer at Your Own Risk

Sorry this is late, Mike had surgery on his shoulder Thursday and I am playing Nancy Nurse.

Here is my 100 word submission. Thank you Rochelle, My belle, Wishoff-Fields and Dawn Q. Landau for supplying the picture – you are both incredibly talented!


Volunteer at Your Own Risk

By, Nan Claire Falkner

Maybelle, having been in a horrific accident five years ago, now volunteered as a helper for the grafting clinic.

She had a new face, new arms and a cane for walking which doubled as a thumper for the Cannibees trying to feast on the new skin. The stretchers did their job as they pulled and weighted the epidermis so the cells could multiply quickly.

She was on the way home when she saw them coming. The Captain cleared his throat and shouted “King Scab has decreed a new law: We will no longer refrain from eating your caretakers.”

Maybelle gulped.

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The Facts of Life

The Facts of LifeBy, Nan Claire Falkner

Dad painted the girl’s bath room pink with a pink bathtub, toilet, sink and black tile as accent. He smiled when he saw how happy they were with the mirror he bought at a yard sale.

This was where Mother recited the details of the birds and the bees.

“Yuck – that’s so creepy Mama!” Ann said.

“How could you do such a thing?” Nan cried.

“Girls, if this didn’t happen – you wouldn’t be here – nor I, nor Dad.  No one would be alive.”

“Ohhhhh. . . . . . .We’re not marrying anyone – EVER!”

Mom laughed. “Yes, you will!”

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The Fire Man Returns

Copyright – Rochelle Wisoff-FieldsBy, Nan Claire Falkner

The Sister Witches chanted lyrics from the Sacred Book of Necromancy. What a glorious day this had been! First the Dark Sun appeared, then the wolves began to howl with the rising of the moon. Near the cemetery , the apparitions began to dance with the wind. The drums got louder and then all of the sudden there was eerie screaming coming from the center of the fire. It was Him and he was mad as hell. The stupid witches had forgotten to chant in unison the EverLifeAfter Decree. He exited the fire and slowly crept to the first witch.

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