RememberingBy Nan Claire Falkner

On the second Wednesday of every month, Martha made the long trek to her ex-husbands home so he could visit with their daughter, Chloe. Even though they had divorced 3 years ago, Melly thought that her ex-husband was a good father and had really been a pretty decent spouse.

Jackson, the ex-husband, loved the visits from his daughter Chloe. He had helped bring her into the world on the side of the road because she wouldn’t wait until they got to the hospital.

Martha began to scream loud, a slap, and a baby cried!

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Rust Bucket

Rust Bucket

By, Nan Claire Falkner

Rust had taken over the surface of the vessel but it was still seaworthy! Built last year, it had been used many times.

Cub and Boy Scout dens had spent countless days and helped finish badges on outdoors.

“This is so much fun!” thought Mason. He had benefited more than other scouts in his journey to earn his Eagle Scout – the Holy Grail in all of Scout Dom!

He remembered many excursions on dark nights – only to scare the creeps out of his brother. “Harry, let’s go home. Last night’s insect stew made me sick. Think I caught a bug.”

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Lamb Chops

Lamb ChopsBy, Nan Claire Falkner

In the distance wolves howled their messages to the pack and then they all congregated near the bluff. Below the cliff, were the non-suspecting sheep enjoying a cool breeze and the water flowing in the stream. It was perfect. The shepherd boy was fast asleep as his father noticed the movement on the cliff. Cocking his weapon, the first wolf never saw it coming.

Pow! The son had taken the first shot and had aimed at the black patch on the wolf’s crown. Well, at least the other game would feast tonight, he thought.

“Although, Mutton stew sounds mighty good!”

30 Years of Fun

30 Years of FunBy, Nan Claire Falkner

The summer was almost over when Carl and Patsy left on vacation.

Breckenridge in the Rockies was the ticket this year for fun and Pat couldn’t wait until they were on the road. Planning the trips had always been a huge portion of the fun and excitement. Making lists of what to take, and being a nurse, she always took various products to stop poison ivy in its track, help bee stings be less painful and sunburn salves to repair damaged skin.

In their cabin on Whitetail Road, all the bottles from years of vacations were displayed proudly each year.

First Snow of the Season

First Snow of the Season

By, Nan Claire Falkner

On a cool day, Connor went to the round museum in the park. There were so many artifacts on display from the first Stone War. He and his father watched every visual cube on The Battle of Hickory Park. It was the third Cool Lunar Season, this year thus the war was ramped up and became very aggressive. The General ordered “All Warriors to their stations!” Scurrying feet ran through the camp and all loaded stones in the weapons provided by the regime.

By morning, it was all over. The humans won this round – but their arsenal was running low.

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Trak All The Way

Trak All The WayBy, Nan Claire Falkner

It was the only shop in Paris that you could buy fresh garlic to keep the vampires at bay. For some reason there had been a resurgence of the black arts and the macabre.

Penelope couldn’t figure it out. She had been investigating a new surge of deaths from the creepy sonar enabled pests for weeks and had already charged some with “Unwanted neck nibbling.”

“Vladimir was a very clever boyfriend,” Penny pointed out, “But he wouldn’t brush his fangs. And halitosis is now a capital offense!”

“Penelope, you just can’t go around using wooden stakes – even for bad breath!”

Let There Be Light


By, Nan Claire Falkner

At the turn of the last century, Thomas Alva Edison invented the electric light bulb, making it possible for the first time to light up the world at night.

“It’s a miracle!” screamed the guests at the party, “You are a genius, Mr. Edison!”

It had taken him years to find the right filament that would last more than just a few minutes, called tungsten.

At the 1904 World’s Fair, in Saint Louis, Edison’s invention, the incandescent light bulb, lit up the fair at night. People were so amazed it frightened some because there was so much bright light.