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Hay There!

Hay There

By, Nan Claire Falkner

“Hey There! I’m up here on top of the hay! Can you see me? Hey Mister – you with the camera. Look up here! I need your help! I fell out of my window last night (whoops, too many drinks) onto this truck or whatever it is – I need to get back to my room. Can you stop the truck?”

“Well, sure lady, but what were you doing last night?”

“I was sneaking my way back into the room so our Chaperone wouldn’t catch us partying”

“So how’s that plan working for you?

“Don’t know yet – her name is Sandra.”

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Nada Wedding Ring

Nanda Wedding Ring

By,  Nan Claire Falkner

Early in the summer, migrants arrived vying to make the coveted list of employees for the season.

Kathy  was  the 3rd grade teacher at the school. 

Juan had been gone half a year and would be mad.

She hadn’t called him sooner, but he was the one that had left.

She could see the truck coming and sitting inside the cab, was Juan and his ex-girlfriend.

She rang the damn bell,  went to the baby carriage and picked up little Juan.

The truck stopped and he ran over to her, lipstick on his face.

“Kathy, we’ll get married tomorrow!”


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My Plan’s Better Than Yours


by, Nan Claire Falkner

Debbie sauntered over to her new husband wearing only an alluring smile. Patrick was an artist and owned a vineyard that had been in his family over a century. He was handsome, smart and had proposed to her three days after meeting.

Her ex, Mark, said “This is the last one, baby and we can retire in style.” Not knowing she was in love, he made one fatal mistake. He suggested that she kill Pat which would hasten Marks plan. She had countered with a better plan, kill Mark instead.

Everything would have been perfect except for the satellite above.

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Grandma Had a Bright Idea


By, Nan Claire Falkner

As Sara entered the yard sale, she felt tingling up her spine.  There was a table on the front porch with old lamps.  One caught her eye – a clear glass lantern with dried roses inside kept next to Grandmas bed.   She died without a will on file, so her worthless son took everything.  Sara’s mom got zip.

Sara purchased the lamp and quickly got in her car, locked the doors and took a deep breath.  As she unscrewed the cap, she held her breath.   Under the rose petals in the base of the lamp were Grandma’s jewels.  “Thanks Grandma!”


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