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A Convenient Phone

By, Nan Claire Falkner

“A payphone!”  She looked at the overflowing toilet kids had stuffed paper towels in.  Hardy Har Har” she shouted – “Not funny!   Saw you Marky – you twerp!”

“Who has a quarter in an emergency?” but she found one.

Dialing the office number, she could see the water encroaching toward her expensive designer shoes – “Damn it – these are new!”

“Please hold” and a fifteen second delay.  “How may I assist you?”  The snotty receptionist said impatiently.

“Sandy – the toilet’s overflowing in the boys’ bathroom.”

“Please hold.”


Seething, Clara felt water seep around her toes.   Dropping the phone, she sprinted upstairs.


PHOTO PROMPT © Kent Bonham

By, Nan Claire Falkner

Atara was getting married Saturday.  Her mother from Israel – her father a Marine from Hutchinson, Kansas, stationed there during the cold war, had called her “Princess”.

Looking around the small village, where her mother was born, Atara noticed an old woman sitting under a tree.  “It is hot!” the woman said.

“Yes ma’am. It will be all this week.”

“American hotel is air-conditioned.” The woman mumbled and cackled.

Atara blushed running to her car.

“Would you like to sit in my cool car?”

“Yes, what a nice girl you are!”

Even small gestures can save lives – and it did.



By, Nan Claire Falkner

“Love having company!”   Debbie told her daughter arriving home with Boscoe, a 3 month old black lab mix full of mischief.  He had won Mom over as soon as she saw his left ear flop.

By the window, there was a bowl full of chocolate peppermint candy.

“Keep an eye open I’m going to bed now” Dad added.


As morning light hit the sofa, Dara gulped.  “Dad is going to kill me” she whispered – “BAD BOSCOE!”

Wrappers were everywhere and Boscoe was moaning.

Why didn’t she bring the doggie cage?

Dad handed her cleaning supplies.  “Gotta love dogs!”


Paper Clips Everywhere


PHOTO PROMPT © Claire Sheldon

By, Nan Claire Falkner

“We have enough paper clips to make a paper clip chain with this many in the cup!”  Said Colby.  Caleb was the younger brother and they had both collected them off the floor of their Dad’s office.

“Wow!  He said.  “There was a mess of clips on the floor!  Thanks Boys!”

“You’re welcome Dad!” Both boys chimed in.

Steven decided to finish a report while the boys were making airplanes out of extra paper from the printer.

Dad looked at the chain again and thought “I’ll put it on my bulletin board above my desk!  “Wow, Awesome!”

“Good job boys!”