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Castle Ruins

By, Nan Claire Falkner

No matter how much bleach and disinfectant they lathered on the sanatorium, people still fell ill to a dreaded disease that had haunted the hospital and sent many unsuspected patients to an early grave.

“Think before you drink” the doctor had said over and over again to Mailee – “Will he ever stop?”

“I hate this place!” she screamed to the mirror.

She proved her madness by pulling her robe tight and snuck downstairs to find elderberry wine in the library and matches on the desk.

After being torched, the disease was eradicated.  Two days later she died of severe burns.

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Holey Bedrock !


By, Nan Claire Falkner

“Bird With Metal Beak Bores Holes in Giant Rock” was the caption in the Flintstones Bedrock Daily News.  “Jeepers,” Wilma said, “What a Big Beak He Had!”

“You said it!” Fred added “And, he drilled some perfect circles too!”

Well, the Rubbles were coming for dinner and Wilma couldn’t wait to show Betty the picture from the Rock newspaper.  Betty asked later “How did a bird get a metal beak?” Barney laughed and said “Hey Fred, Betty wants to know about the bird’s beak.”

“Well” Fred fired back “All that bird eats is Iron Ore.”

Barney said  – “Iron OR what?”