I Can See Clearly Now

By, Nan Claire Falkner

Looking up and rubbing her eyes, Martha knew she was going to have to get some readers soon. She couldn’t read all the words and they squiggled back and forth. “Getting older is NOT for the old – we don’t cope very well with the changes. Yesterday I was young and vibrant and now I have wrinkled hands and a body to match. For a while, she was back in her youth reminiscing about the “Good Ole Days”. The silence was broken by a pint sized boy who said “Grandma, let’s go play!” She smiled. These are good ole days too!


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Uphill Both Ways

By, Nan Claire Falkner

The kids pushed their Mom, Sheila, to Indian Mission Park.  It was their Mother’s favorite place to visit.  At one time, they had lived in luxury.  But a year ago, her husband, Ralph, left to retrieve his ‘Pot of Gold’ with a promise of returning.  Sheila had stayed behind and dealt with her husband’s losses on careless stock trades.  

 When the kids returned from the park, there was a limousine parked in front of the door. “Dad finally came through!” Junior said in amazement.  Sheila clapped.

 Ralph walked closer to her and said “Well, not exactly, Sheila.  I’m the chauffeur.”


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By, Nan Claire Falkner

“I know it smells like fish bait Norma, but you get your food quick and they have the best seafood in the state!”

Norma hesitated, thought a moment and then said – “Okay”, crossing her arms while pouting in the car seat.

She really didn’t like fish, but her husband, Frank, wanted to go there and, after all, it was his birthday.

Ordering at the Oyster Bar, Frank ordered her Oysters Rockefeller.

“It may be your birthday, but I got the second best  present!”  Norma smiled spitting out a pearl.

“A pearl?” he said. “What’s the Best present?”

She whispered “You!”


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Sunflower Barbeque Cancelled

By, Nan Claire Falkner

Dear Sunflower Cookers,

Our annual Barbeque is next Saturday evening at 6:00 PM.  Members with the last name beginning with A to M please bring a salad with FRESH dressing – we do not need a repeat of last year’s hospital dash.  I am still nursing my stomach since the surgery; Members N to Z, please bring a dessert preferably something that will NOT MELT or Curdle in the Heat (no sour cream desserts)!

We will provide meat, grills, and shade.  The forecast is dry and hot.

Please RSVP to Millie at Rest Haven Home Care.

Don’t forget your teeth!



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Casa Montez

By, Nan Claire Falkner

Being detectives in Springdale and working on a new case, Jose and Juanita went to Casa Montez for Mexican food.  Jose looked around at the decorated ceiling and all the sconces hanging on the walls which insured dim light.  “It was going to be our favorite Taco place” he smiled.

Juanita ordered her favorite meal and Jose followed.

Afterwards visiting the facilities, Juanita heard two men arguing in the kitchen.  Tiptoeing, she watched as money was exchanged and a large bag was placed in the freezer.

Walking back to their table, she smiled.   “Jose, I know who the drug dealer is.”

Grandma Fell

By Nan Claire Falkner

 At 90 years and living alone since Ed passed, Grandma Hobbs fell.   She had lived in Ketchum, Oklahoma.  It was a “Blink and you missed it” kind of town – not big enough to be quaint. After falling, the next few days were a flurry of reservations, hesitations, and regrets.  She was flying for the first time in her life to live with her daughter, Norma.  Looking out the window flying above the clouds, she marveled “I can see Heaven before I have to go!” Living past 99, she passed peacefully in her sleep with a smile on her face.


White on White Lace on Satin

By,   Nan Falkner

 “Mama we’re getting married!”  This was the beginning of a wonderful and thrilling chapter that would transform Carrie Ann’s life into a whole new wondrous way of looking at the world.  White on White, Lace on Satin was a song her mother would sing to her when she was a little girl.  She knew that someday her “TRUE LOVE” would come.

Steven was the cousin of Laurie’s husband and Carrie was Laurie’s best friend and her maid-of-honor.  This unlikely set of coincidences led to the Union of two people, living several hundred miles apart.  Six children later, happiness still abounds.


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