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Waiting in Line

By, Nan Claire Falkner

Every single time I go to the driver’s license department, I wait in a long line.  The Department of Motor Vehicles is so S L O W!  Last year, I stood in line while it rained on me the whole time.   I was freezing and miserable. Marvin, my neighbor was there.  He must have come straight from hunting.  This is the last time I’m waiting in line, I thought.   Next time I’ll pay attention to the mail-in renewal envelope.  I always say I won’t do this again, but I do.  Hey, they told me now I can pay on line!


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I Can See Clearly Now

By, Nan Claire Falkner

Looking up and rubbing her eyes, Martha knew she was going to have to get some readers soon. She couldn’t read all the words and they squiggled back and forth. “Getting older is NOT for the old – we don’t cope very well with the changes. Yesterday I was young and vibrant and now I have wrinkled hands and a body to match. For a while, she was back in her youth reminiscing about the “Good Ole Days”. The silence was broken by a pint sized boy who said “Grandma, let’s go play!” She smiled. These are good ole days too!


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