Waiting in Line

By, Nan Claire Falkner

Every single time I go to the driver’s license department, I wait in a long line.  The Department of Motor Vehicles is so S L O W!  Last year, I stood in line while it rained on me the whole time.   I was freezing and miserable. Marvin, my neighbor was there.  He must have come straight from hunting.  This is the last time I’m waiting in line, I thought.   Next time I’ll pay attention to the mail-in renewal envelope.  I always say I won’t do this again, but I do.  Hey, they told me now I can pay on line!


8 thoughts on “Waiting in Line

    • DEFINITELY THE DENTIST (for me)! Every single tooth in my mouth has been worked on at one time or another. My dentist as a child, was from the old school and DID NOT believe that Novocaine was needed (unless pulling a tooth). She did my braces too which turned out really good though!

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