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Hi, I’m a 64 year old mother of 4 boys , grandmother of 14, and now I would like to write.  I’m not very good, but you ladies and gentlemen are!  If you will permit me to, I would like to join your blog (or is it club?).  I’ve been reading your blogs for several weeks, and am astonished at the talent here.  The leader, Rochelle, is an author, I believe.  Wouldn’t that be fun, I thought to myself, so here I am.  I have been married 43 years to same guy, Michael.  Also, I have a twin sister (I’m twin “B”) and we had a double wedding in Fayetteville, Arkansas on 1970.  We have 4 boys that picked wonderful wives, and grandchildren are the ‘icing’ of our lives.  We sure do enjoy them.  If you have anymore questions, – Rochelle has my email or I don’t know if I am allowed to put my email address on here or not, but will find out soon enough.  I am a horrible housekeeper, a pretty good cook (I’m wearing a lot of it), and I hope you all don’t mind if I join.  Thank you so much, Nan.

Today is Saturday, December 20, 2014, and I have been writing in this group now for a full year plus one week!  I love it and everyone makes me feel so welcome.  Hope you all have a Wonderful Holiday Season!  We’re busy with grandchildren and having a ball.  Happy New Year too!   Nan

Today is April 10, 2015 and this is an update on ME:

I absolutely love this writing group and my friends (I consider you all my friends).  I wanted to update about the history and things that have happened to my children over the years – they have a happy outcome!


In 1982, we were living in Irvine, California and Mike worked for the NWAlaskan Pipeline Company.  We were moving into a house and had all of our belongings in storage.  My parents (in Arkansas) both got ill so I flew back to Fayetteville, Arkansas to see about them.  The night before I was going to go back to California (Daddy was released from the hospital), Mike took all 4 of the boys to the pool (in California) to give them their baths.  Mike was holding Keith – he was 16 months old and Chris our 4 year old got out of the baby pool and ran over to the big pool where his older brothers were swimming and he jumped in and sank to the bottom of the pool.  Brian jumped in and was trying to reach for Chris’s hand to pull him up but he couldn’t reach it.  About that time – Mike noticed these men pointing down in the deep end and he started counting kids – 1, 2, 3, where was Chris?  He pushed Keith onto the side of the pool and Steven grabbed him.  Mike pulled Chris out of the water and threw him up on the patio.  A doctor was there and started trying to revive Chris with no luck.  Then he said “He’s gone!” Mike jumped out of the pool and started CPR on Chris and breathed into him twice with no results.  Dread filled Mike and he pushed it back down and took another huge breath and breathed as hard as he could into this 4 year old and Miracle of Miracles – Chris started coughing and sputtering, throwing up on everything.  Mike was hugging and everyone at the hotel pool was clapping and the attendants too.  Now, at this exact time (I swear to God) I was sleeping in Arkansas on the sofa of my parents house and dreamed the entire thing – I saw Chris on the bottom of the pool – I could see Brian reaching for him and couldn’t quite get there.  Then I woke up and was crying knowing that any minute Mike was going to call me from California and tell me Chris had drowned.  Well he didn’t call me but I couldn’t go back to sleep – I told my sister the next day before I left about the dream.  I got on the 747 and flew to LAX.  When I got off the plane, the kids ran over to me and I could see Chris and said “THANK GOD!”  The kids all started screaming at me and I looked and Chris said “Guess what Mommy, I drownded last night!”  I just fell to my knees and Mike helped me up.  I was crying, Mike was crying and said “Yes, but I saved him!”  My heart was racing and I was crying and holding Christopher so tightly that I probably could have crushed him.  Okay,  this is the first incident of our children.  The second was when Steven got hit by a train which is told in my story published April 10, 2015 entitled Firecrackers and Trains don’t mix.” 
If you are reading this – I know it sounds like a fairy story or a made up one – but know this:  It really did happen – and Steven who never believed in God that much became very religious and he still is.  All our children are too.  I didn’t tell my parents about it because I didn’t want them to feel guilty about it.  Daddy died on October 11, 1982 and after that we moved to Kansas City.  I told Mother about it and she was so amazed.  So if you don’t believe in a higher power – you are talking to the wrong person – I saw this happen just as it did.  Well, I won’t preach any more, but I told the story of Steven and the train and wanted people to know this was not the first time my children had been saved, by the grace of God.  Nan Claire Duggar Falkner.  Thanks for reading this.  Nan



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  1. Hi Nan. Thanks for joining Friday Fictioneers. A few things though, since you are all new to this. If you want the others to read your story you need to link it up to the rest of us on Rochelle’s blog. If you don’t know how I can send you instructions on how to do it. We are a great group of people and very helpful so don’t ever be afraid to ask questions. We were all new at one time or another. 🙂

    • Hi, I just now received this reply to a story from February 10th. How odd I say, maybe I’m in a time warp, or maybe not. Oh well, Thanks for welcoming me, and I probably need to work on my blog page. Nan 🙂

    • Sorry – I had forgotten about the WordPress page. – Today is July 22,2017 . Thanks for your comment and again, I am so sorry I never found this page until tonight. I DID have real brain surgery last summer and I did forget some things – not many – but some! Nan

      • No worries, Nan. Oh, my goodness. I’m sorry to heat about your surgery. You certainly don’t need to apologize to me about anything. And I forgot lots of things too! Hope you are having a great summer!

    • Well, my bones are certainly not newish. Thank you for your comments and encouragement. I will keep writing and I have been writing in journals for such a long time. Thank you Patrick! Nan 🙂

    • Dear Rochelle, I just now read your comment on my blog. Sorry that I haven’t answered before now. I have really enjoyed writing in this club.
      I see that now we are affiliated with a new writing group. Congratulations on gleaning the interest from them. You really are a great facilitator, Rochelle, and you are so talented, organized, and helpful! Thank you, Nan Claire Falkner

      • Dear Nan,

        Funny, I’ve never thought of Friday Fictioneers as a club…more of a global community of writers. I suppose that does make us something of a club, doesn’t it? New writing group?

        Your words are always so kind and affirming.



  2. Hiya!
    I am nominating you for the Liebster Award.

The Liebster Award is awarded to bloggers with under 200 followers to try to promote their blog – I hope I counted correctly, apologies if not!
    The rules of the competition are:

    The nominate must provide a link to the person who nominated them.
This is my link:
    Provide 11 facts about yourself.

    Answer 11 questions set by the person who nominated you.
Choose 11 more people and ask them 11 questions.

    Be seeing you!

    • Dear Kingsleycw13, I just now read this a year later – It’s April 11, 2015 and this must have been in cyberspace bouncing from star to star until now. Thank you so much. I’m not very computer savvy, but I will try to answer your comment. Nan

  3. Dear Rochelle, I just now read your comment on my blog. Sorry that I haven’t answered before now. I have really enjoyed writing in this club.
    I see that now we are affiliated with a new writing group. Congratulations on gleaning the interest from them. You really are a great facilitator, Rochelle, and you are so talented, organized, and helpful! Thank you, Nan Claire Falkner

  4. Hey you guys, It’s 2015 and I’m still writing. I love this club, you are all so talented and let a wannabe writer (like me) enjoy the experience. THANKS TO YOU ALL! Nan

  5. Looks like you’ve had a hiatus in your blogging career, but it’s nice to see you contributing to Friday Fictioneers again. 🙂
    One thing you should do soon is install a Follow this Blog widget so it’s easier for readers to click and follow.

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