First Snow of the Season

First Snow of the Season

By, Nan Claire Falkner

On a cool day, Connor went to the round museum in the park. There were so many artifacts on display from the first Stone War. He and his father watched every visual cube on The Battle of Hickory Park. It was the third Cool Lunar Season, this year thus the war was ramped up and became very aggressive. The General ordered “All Warriors to their stations!” Scurrying feet ran through the camp and all loaded stones in the weapons provided by the regime.

By morning, it was all over. The humans won this round – but their arsenal was running low.

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Trak All The Way

Trak All The WayBy, Nan Claire Falkner

It was the only shop in Paris that you could buy fresh garlic to keep the vampires at bay. For some reason there had been a resurgence of the black arts and the macabre.

Penelope couldn’t figure it out. She had been investigating a new surge of deaths from the creepy sonar enabled pests for weeks and had already charged some with “Unwanted neck nibbling.”

“Vladimir was a very clever boyfriend,” Penny pointed out, “But he wouldn’t brush his fangs. And halitosis is now a capital offense!”

“Penelope, you just can’t go around using wooden stakes – even for bad breath!”

Let There Be Light


By, Nan Claire Falkner

At the turn of the last century, Thomas Alva Edison invented the electric light bulb, making it possible for the first time to light up the world at night.

“It’s a miracle!” screamed the guests at the party, “You are a genius, Mr. Edison!”

It had taken him years to find the right filament that would last more than just a few minutes, called tungsten.

At the 1904 World’s Fair, in Saint Louis, Edison’s invention, the incandescent light bulb, lit up the fair at night. People were so amazed it frightened some because there was so much bright light.

Aunt Mary’s Vittles

Aunt Mary's Vittles

By, Nan Claire Falkner

The best Home Fried Chicken and Batter French Fries was the “Special of the Day.”

Every Fourth of July, Auntie Mary would fry chicken and go to the fair.

This year, a slick lawyer came in seeking to steal the café. He talked to the gal behind the bar. “Sign the dotted line below, Auntie M, and I’ll get you big money. I have $500 in cash if you sign right now.

“I can’t read, but okay Mister, and she signed with a X. He gave her $500 cash, rushed out the door with a contract signed by the waitress.

The Gatorfish

The Gatorfish

By, Nan Claire Falkner

The Sea Monster was incredible. Dubbed “Marvin the Gatorfish”, it was uncovered near the opening of the tunnel under the sea during reconstruction after the Great Quake. Carla went toward the gate. She had worked three months on Marvin. The wear and tear during the facial reconstruction was excruciating on her hands.

Satisfied with her art, she lay down her tools, took off her coveralls, stepped into the shower and let it run over her sore muscles.

When done, she picked up the phone and dialed her art dealer. “It’s ready”.

“I have a buyer already! A cool mil!”




By, Nan Claire Falkner

Reflecting on his life, John sat alone in front of the television in an agitated coffee induced state. After 75 years on this good old Earth, what had he accomplished? He had degrees and certificates, but he was feeling empty.

He was being critical of himself and his wife Moira, knew that he was depressed having lost his best friend, Bobby recently.

“What about writing a story about some of your shenanigans you pulled?”

“Good idea!”

“Remember when you added moonshine to the drinking water at the Old-Timers League. Wasn’t it 22 to nothing?”

John just smiled. “Yep, it was!”

The Secret of the Harbor

The Secret of the HarborBy, Nan Claire Falkner

Chris was catching up. If only she could reach the Harbor. Holding onto the map for dear life, she made it and looked back smiling as he knocked over a street vendor. Quickly she took her jacket off turning it inside out. She pulled the wig out of her bag, put it on quickly and grabbed a cigarette. Exhaling, she ordered a vodka tonic from the waiter. Tonight she could sleep. Unrolling the map Amy looked at the statue pointing toward the treasure. “I understand!” she laughed.

She felt a warm kiss on her neck. “We’ll work together” he whispered.