The Washington Island Ferry

By, Nan Claire Falkner

The Washington Island Ferryboat was a lucrative business for its skipper.   For years, people had vacationed on the island, but the only way to get there was by a 30-minute jaunt to “fun-in-the-sun at forty dollars a pop” snickered the Commodore, “Cha-Ching!”

Melinda and Roy were making their twentieth trip to their favorite hidey-hole.   Each time, she brought the captain fruit pudding – spending many hours toiling over it. The captain never thanked her, but this year she had a surprise.

On the way home, the Captain had a puckered face.

“Sugar” is all he said.

“Oops, Sorry!” she smiled coyly.



Little Big Girl

By, Nan Claire Falkner


Screaming people ran as the eerie image of an eighty foot monster girl in a nightgown allowed her presence to be shown.   The scared throng of vacationers could only see her black silhouette which had morphed into the palm trees for a creepy effect.

“Where am I?  She cried out – “What has happened to my bedroom?”

The crowd ran faster hearing her oddly child-like voice bellowing from the trees.  Shadowy figures floated after the people yelling “Go quickly if you want to live!”

“MOMMY!” she screamed.

“No more scary movies for you young lady!”  Mommy said soothing  her daughter back to sleep.

Never a Petunia – Always a Weed!

Picture by Sarah Potter (THANK YOU VERY MUCH, Sarah!)


By, Nan Claire Falkner


“Oh, how I wish I had a green thumb!” Ann lamented, looking at the box of flowers she had just bought and wondering if they would last until July fourth.  Of course in the past, this hadn’t happened.  Each pathetic petunia only lasted until it was hot.

So, rolling up her sleeves, she tied a bandana on her head to keep untamed curls from escaping, and picked up her potting tools.

Putting on her gloves, she opened the door slowly.

“They’re alive!  They’re alive!”  She danced outside into the arms of her husband, Alan singing

“I’m giving up weeds!  Eureka!”

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by Nan Claire Falkner


Daddy brought home a puppy.  The kids shouted “You’re the best Daddy in the whole world!”  Paxton, Finley, and Otto screeched at the new addition to the family – an adorable brown lab with a white tip on his tail.

”Well, Sweetums,” Mother said, “You’re going to help!”

The next week, Dad came home from a long trip.   Mom said “Can you give the kids a bath?   Toys too! They’re in the bathroom.  Thanks sweet-ums!”

“Okay, he shouted from the bathroom!”

Later, he came out with the kids and she said

“Who took the bath, you or the kids?”


RememberingBy Nan Claire Falkner

On the second Wednesday of every month, Martha made the long trek to her ex-husbands home so he could visit with their daughter, Chloe. Even though they had divorced 3 years ago, Melly thought that her ex-husband was a good father and had really been a pretty decent spouse.

Jackson, the ex-husband, loved the visits from his daughter Chloe. He had helped bring her into the world on the side of the road because she wouldn’t wait until they got to the hospital.

Martha began to scream loud, a slap, and a baby cried!

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Rust Bucket

Rust Bucket

By, Nan Claire Falkner

Rust had taken over the surface of the vessel but it was still seaworthy! Built last year, it had been used many times.

Cub and Boy Scout dens had spent countless days and helped finish badges on outdoors.

“This is so much fun!” thought Mason. He had benefited more than other scouts in his journey to earn his Eagle Scout – the Holy Grail in all of Scout Dom!

He remembered many excursions on dark nights – only to scare the creeps out of his brother. “Harry, let’s go home. Last night’s insect stew made me sick. Think I caught a bug.”

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Lamb Chops

Lamb ChopsBy, Nan Claire Falkner

In the distance wolves howled their messages to the pack and then they all congregated near the bluff. Below the cliff, were the non-suspecting sheep enjoying a cool breeze and the water flowing in the stream. It was perfect. The shepherd boy was fast asleep as his father noticed the movement on the cliff. Cocking his weapon, the first wolf never saw it coming.

Pow! The son had taken the first shot and had aimed at the black patch on the wolf’s crown. Well, at least the other game would feast tonight, he thought.

“Although, Mutton stew sounds mighty good!”