Uphill Both Ways

By, Nan Claire Falkner

The kids pushed their Mom, Sheila, to Indian Mission Park.  It was their Mother’s favorite place to visit.  At one time, they had lived in luxury.  But a year ago, her husband, Ralph, left to retrieve his ‘Pot of Gold’ with a promise of returning.  Sheila had stayed behind and dealt with her husband’s losses on careless stock trades.  

 When the kids returned from the park, there was a limousine parked in front of the door. “Dad finally came through!” Junior said in amazement.  Sheila clapped.

 Ralph walked closer to her and said “Well, not exactly, Sheila.  I’m the chauffeur.”


54 thoughts on “Uphill Both Ways

    • Yes Iain, as long as he doesn’t start speeding or driving erratically – he could retire in this job. It’s steady work and the clientele is pretty upper crust. Thanks for reading my story!

    • Thank you for reading my story and commenting! Determination cannot be learned it comes from inside and can make any situation palatable instead of debilitating mishap.

    • There’s no place like home – for sure! One year missing-in-action would make me a little irritated at “Good Old Dad” for leaving to find his “pot-of-gold” which never materialized. Mom in a wheelchair should have limited his absence to a much smaller vacation. I would be fuming if he left me for that length of time. Thank you for reading and commenting!

  1. When I first read this, my brain read, “Indian Mound.” That’s only 10 miles from here! We live near each other.
    But no, it’s “Indian Mission Park,” and I’m sure that’s miles and miles a way from. Oh well.
    Nice to know he got a job and came back to his family. I like happy endings. ;0)

  2. I can see how a loss like that could be depressing and a shock, but to leave is family for a year is just crazy. At least, we know he learned sine humility. I hope, for his sake, Sheila’s in a forgiving mood.

  3. Nobbinmaug you are exactly right. Sheila would be a better person than I if he was gone a year with me in a wheelchair. Good opinion of the situation. Thanks for reading and commenting on my story!

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