By, Nan Claire Falkner

“I know it smells like fish bait Norma, but you get your food quick and they have the best seafood in the state!”

Norma hesitated, thought a moment and then said – “Okay”, crossing her arms while pouting in the car seat.

She really didn’t like fish, but her husband, Frank, wanted to go there and, after all, it was his birthday.

Ordering at the Oyster Bar, Frank ordered her Oysters Rockefeller.

“It may be your birthday, but I got the second best  present!”  Norma smiled spitting out a pearl.

“A pearl?” he said. “What’s the Best present?”

She whispered “You!”


43 thoughts on “FISH BAIT

    • It’s sappy I know, thanks for reading it! My husband’s mother (wonderful mother-in-law) made Oyster Stew every Christmas Eve. Being new to the table, and his family, I ate some of it and feigned I was full for the rest. The next year, she made me another soup. She was great!

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