Casa Montez

By, Nan Claire Falkner

Being detectives in Springdale and working on a new case, Jose and Juanita went to Casa Montez for Mexican food.  Jose looked around at the decorated ceiling and all the sconces hanging on the walls which insured dim light.  “It was going to be our favorite Taco place” he smiled.

Juanita ordered her favorite meal and Jose followed.

Afterwards visiting the facilities, Juanita heard two men arguing in the kitchen.  Tiptoeing, she watched as money was exchanged and a large bag was placed in the freezer.

Walking back to their table, she smiled.   “Jose, I know who the drug dealer is.”

26 thoughts on “Casa Montez

    • Thank you lisarey1990! This really looks like the restaurant Mike gave me my engagement ring. Many, many years ago. I don’t think they were ever doing a side business operation though!

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