White on White Lace on Satin

By,   Nan Falkner

 “Mama we’re getting married!”  This was the beginning of a wonderful and thrilling chapter that would transform Carrie Ann’s life into a whole new wondrous way of looking at the world.  White on White, Lace on Satin was a song her mother would sing to her when she was a little girl.  She knew that someday her “TRUE LOVE” would come.

Steven was the cousin of Laurie’s husband and Carrie was Laurie’s best friend and her maid-of-honor.  This unlikely set of coincidences led to the Union of two people, living several hundred miles apart.  Six children later, happiness still abounds.


3 thoughts on “White on White Lace on Satin

  1. Hi Dale – I’m not good on the computer but it looks like I never replied to your comment and for that, I’m sorry. Thank you for reading my story and commenting! Have a great day!

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