When the light is Low

By, Nan Falkner

             “. . . I love the flowers, I love the daffodils.  I love the firelight when the light is low. . . That’s what we were singing when all of the sudden there was this HUGE ruckus in the next canyon over.  Don’t know what was going on.   You know, some of their friends were visiting us at the time.  The Indians seemed to be real friendly and cordial.   Well they jumped up, raised their tomahawks, and ran chanting weird songs.  All of the sudden, we heard shouting and screaming.  We were scared out of our wits!    It was scary.”


73 thoughts on “When the light is Low

    • Thanks Penny! We have gone camping so many times as it was a cheap vacation and our boys loved it. There is nothing better than waking to a breakfast with coffee on the trail. The aroma is intoxicating!

    • I wrote them both during commercials. I am easily amused and I am a Paleface, my husband had blonde hair and blue eyes – and he really is 1/8 Indian.Thanks for reading my story!

  1. As soon as I heard ” the next canyon over” i knew we had to be out west. ( no canyons in Florida, though we do have sinkholes😊). I wasnt sure what time period we were in,so I imagined people passing through in covered wagons camping for the night, and the being terrified. I guess the song should have given me a clue…

    • Thank you for reading and commenting on my story! I wrote two stories on the same night. Florida sinkholes are really scary to everyone. You never know what’s going to happen!

    • I think you are right Russell! Chiefs still have their name but I’m waiting for some “whiner complainer” to cry all the way to the news media and press. Thanks for reading!

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