By, Nan Falkner

The group decided to relocate to a country that gives away free medical service, free education, free food, free clothing, free housing and the best of all, free money!   All they had to do is get there!  Sounds good doesn’t it?  Everyone agreed and pointed the way North.  “It’ll work, it always has!” the Leader said.  The Man with the bolt cutters laughed and showed the Leader what he had brought for the trip! “Ha, ha, ha” laughed the Leader. “This is just too easy; they won’t know what to do!  It will be fun.” he mused!  “Fun, Fun, Fun!

12 thoughts on “Shangri-La

  1. Hi Nan, good to see you again. Liked your story, but if the border is anything like I imagine it’s going to be, those bolt-cutters just won’t… well… cut it. 😦

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