Thar’s Gold In Them Thar Holes!



By, Nan Claire Falkner

If the Contessa hadn’t been on this extreme diet, he wouldn’t be digging up the back yard.  “Lose 10 pounds Overnight” was the catchy slogan for the radical new weight loss program sweeping the Land of Goshen.

“Hey Contessa, how many rings did you lose?”  Rusty, the crochety yard man screamed.  He had a vile temper.

She, being the epitome of refinement and culture, constantly had blue birds singing while encircling  her head.  The lovely Contessa sang him an answer:  “Due to the rapid weight lose, all five of my gold rings slipped off my fingers while on the throne.”


8 thoughts on “Thar’s Gold In Them Thar Holes!

  1. Gosh Connie and Russell, This reminds me when we lived in Goshen, Arkansas. – – – Been There, Done That. By the way, as soon as I saw the photo without even seeing who submitted it, I knew exact who it was on the end of the shovel, ha.

  2. So funny. I can see why the yard man is grumpy. I can see with the rapid weightless that there’s going to be a lot to dig through to find those rings.

  3. He had a vile temper? Where did that come from? 🙂
    I guess the lovely Contessa was doing the paperwork when the gold rings slid from her prim and proper fingers. Oh the things a poor yardman will do for his lady.

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