These Boots Caught a Man!

“My rain galoshes may look older than Methuselah, but they caught your dad!” Laurie told her children,   Rachel, Sarah and Trevor.  They were mesmerized.

Mama squeaked trying to hold her breath while changing Trevor’s loaded diaper.  Sarah fidgeted to keep from laughing.  They knew their mother had grown up poor but didn’t know what poor looked like.   Mama could see that realism was sinking in. “These boots helped catch your father.”  Mama went on “While running to the store, it started to rain and my feet got soaked.   In my path was Daddy, fixing his old bicycle with duct tape.”


61 thoughts on “These Boots Caught a Man!

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed my story! I grew up on a chicken farm. We weren’t really poor, but there wasn’t extra money for frivolous purchases. It was fun though, We had a blast!

    • Thank you so much Rochelle! I really enjoyed writing this story – I have a son that isn’t poor, but he is so frugal that he once duct taped his Nike shoes.

  1. Wonderful how you kept the kids, and reader, guessing until the end. Of course, asking for some duct tape gets you a man. I can see these boots remaining the family forever, being passed down with the story and love they represent.

  2. A sweet voice you’ve used here and a touching story – a mother glad her kids don’t experience the same hardships she did, but who’s determined for them to know the truth

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