Tree Fairy Where Art Thou?

By, Nan Claire Falkner

“I didn’t do nothing!  I’ve been growing three years basking in the sunshine, minding my own business and suddenly, the wind picks up and it gets real dark.  The sky opened and here comes this storm whipping at my branches and tearing me apart. WHAM!  I get burned by a lightning bolt.  The cacti are out to get me.  I’m only a Scrub but, I could use a little help here!  The weeds are stealing all the water!”

The cacti ran away singing and the last thing the pathetic twig whispered as a gigantic buzzard landed on it was “Crap!”


55 thoughts on “Tree Fairy Where Art Thou?

  1. I enjoyed this, not least because I sometimes wonder what plants would say if they could. I think the roots would grumble because they live in the dark doing all the work, while the flowers get all the attention.

  2. There was an fascinating article recently in Time magazine about trees being able to communicate with each other. This one sounds a little whiny to me. Perhaps he’s the offspring of a cracked nut.

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