Holy Cow

By, Nan Claire Falkner

“Holy Cow Mom, Look how tall that store is!  They could sell everything in there!”  Millie pointed trying to jump out of her seat.

“This whole city is full of skyscrapers.  My head aches.”  Mom said holding her neck with her hand.

“What are we buying, Mama?”  Annie asked.

“Millie needs new school shoes, Colby needs longer jeans, and what do you need Annie?”

“I need a dress, sweaters, blouses, skirts, and new shoes too!

“Let’s go see your Dad while we are here.”

BAM . . . Just then a plane flew into the 94th floor of the building.


44 thoughts on “Holy Cow

  1. Can help myself pointing this out. My first reply was on Nov 9th, or 11/9. Just the opposite of 9/11, the day of the attacks. (In USA, it is month/day format).

  2. I remember it very clearly too, Mike. That slow unfolding as we here in the UK gradually learned the scale of the attacks, the numbers of the dead – just the sheer horror of that first plane hitting one of the towers. The day the world changed. Chilling, Nan

  3. Ordinary people going about ordinary lives and suddenly everything changes by an extraordinary happening. That day was surreal – I’ll never forget the images we saw and where we were when we saw them. Well written Nan. Those feelings I had of shock and horror were remembered reading your words.

  4. Dear Nan,

    I didn’t see that coming. Alas, no one did. Our daughter in law worked in the WTC and had she not been 15 minutes late that morning, she wouldn’t be with us today. Good story.



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