Memory Vases

By Nan Claire Falkner

 “Memory Vases” the sign said.  “Come on In!”  So, I did.  It was a lovely little place with knick-knacks everywhere.  Just the kind of store we used to shop in when together.

While mulling over the color choices, sadness engulfed me.  I missed Ann Melinda terribly and knew nothing would ever be the same. I liked blue – the color of her eyes which had been a deeper hue than mine.  Her husband Alan smiled.  “Yes, she would have loved it.” He said.  After the purchase, we left the store and made our way slowly to the chapel in silence.


14 thoughts on “Memory Vases

  1. You’ve written that poignant story with beautiful simplicity. No ifs, no buts, you loved Ann Melinda dearly and you miss her dreadfully. You couldn’t have written a more appropriate tribute.

    • Thanks Russell, Wow, we had so much fun rolling on the Mississippi didn’t we! We covered the entire kitchen with bottles of spirit and at the end, there were none left. Ann sure liked you all! So does Alan – and of course, Mike.

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