Holey Bedrock !


By, Nan Claire Falkner

“Bird With Metal Beak Bores Holes in Giant Rock” was the caption in the Flintstones Bedrock Daily News.  “Jeepers,” Wilma said, “What a Big Beak He Had!”

“You said it!” Fred added “And, he drilled some perfect circles too!”

Well, the Rubbles were coming for dinner and Wilma couldn’t wait to show Betty the picture from the Rock newspaper.  Betty asked later “How did a bird get a metal beak?” Barney laughed and said “Hey Fred, Betty wants to know about the bird’s beak.”

“Well” Fred fired back “All that bird eats is Iron Ore.”

Barney said  – “Iron OR what?”


37 thoughts on “Holey Bedrock !

  1. Our sports caster, Al Wallace would say, “That Barney Rubble! Haha! What an actor!”
    And what a fun story. The animated prehistoric Honeymooners. Thanks, Nan for a fun read!


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