A Convenient Phone

By, Nan Claire Falkner

“A payphone!”  She looked at the overflowing toilet kids had stuffed paper towels in.  Hardy Har Har” she shouted – “Not funny!   Saw you Marky – you twerp!”

“Who has a quarter in an emergency?” but she found one.

Dialing the office number, she could see the water encroaching toward her expensive designer shoes – “Damn it – these are new!”

“Please hold” and a fifteen second delay.  “How may I assist you?”  The snotty receptionist said impatiently.

“Sandy – the toilet’s overflowing in the boys’ bathroom.”

“Please hold.”


Seething, Clara felt water seep around her toes.   Dropping the phone, she sprinted upstairs.


19 thoughts on “A Convenient Phone

  1. Dear Nan,

    Why is it, at some point in their lives, kids stuff something down the toilet. When my middle son was two he dumped all of his older brother’s Star Wars action figures down the toilet. What a mess that was!
    Love where you went with this story. Perhaps Sandy should take the kids and run. She’s done the right thing so let the powers that be take care of it.



    • I agree Rochelle. We had four boys and only once this happened. We were leaving to go out of town and I heard water running upstairs – ran up and screamed for Mike to turn off the water. I forgot there was a turn-off under the thing. What a giant mess that would of been! Thanks for replying to my post!

  2. Oh, the toilet stories I could tell. My husband was the maintenance guy for a while for our church, which had a school and a day care. This is a most realistic story 🙂

  3. Connie worked at a day care before Greta was born. One day she asked me to go in the restroom and check on some boys. Two or three of the little guys were hosing down the wall. Gee, I wish I had that kind of pressure. It was a mess, but at least the toliet wasn’t clogged. 🙂

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