PHOTO PROMPT © Kent Bonham

By, Nan Claire Falkner

Atara was getting married Saturday.  Her mother from Israel – her father a Marine from Hutchinson, Kansas, stationed there during the cold war, had called her “Princess”.

Looking around the small village, where her mother was born, Atara noticed an old woman sitting under a tree.  “It is hot!” the woman said.

“Yes ma’am. It will be all this week.”

“American hotel is air-conditioned.” The woman mumbled and cackled.

Atara blushed running to her car.

“Would you like to sit in my cool car?”

“Yes, what a nice girl you are!”

Even small gestures can save lives – and it did.


29 thoughts on “Atara

  1. WOW!! I am amazed. You got all the license plate locations worked in the story. I’m impressed. And I love how a little gesture can result in a big help.

    • Hey, Mike – can you explain this further. I don’t see Kansas. I see an IL which would be Illinois? And I can’t read the license plate in the window. So what am I missing?

      • hi Sandi,

        I am so sorry about this delay response. Just now saw your original question. The license plate on the car is from Israel. Search Google images for “Israel License Plate” and you will see license plates starting with “IL”.

        The license plate in the back window is from the state of Kansas. I copied the photo and put it in a software called “Paint” that comes with Windows, and then zoom in on the plate in the back window. I immediately recognized the blowing wheat in the license plate that matches our car licence plate. It was easy since we live in Kansas.

        Hopes this helps, and I am sorry for the belated response.


  2. This is an intriguing story. The last line. Left me thinking how did that gesture save lives? What happened next? Anything do to with Atara’s wedding? Left me wanting more. Good job!

  3. Hello again, Nan… Nancy… I got here, to the end (so far today/this morning), and I’m not panting, not one bit. I like the clean sweep of your story which reveals the caring nature of your viewpoint character. Loved you About. So honest.😄

  4. Yes, even small gestures make a big difference. Thanks for mentioning Hutch. I know a couple who used to live in Scammon outside Pittsburg. She’s an Israeli and he’s an army guy. Really great people.

  5. I’ve been to Hutch a few times myself. Not exactly a vacation destination, but the company I work for has a pizza topping plant there. I had a mini heat stroke several years ago and can’t take the heat anyone more either. This was a gracious move on Atara’s part.

    One note of critique, “The woman mumbled and cackled.” This seems an odd combination. You might consider going one way or the other, or choosing an entirely different word to describe her reaction. Just a thought, I hope you don’t mind.

  6. Dear Nan,

    Atara lived up to her royal name. It just happens that this morning I was looking up Hebrew names for a friend to find the equivalent of his name. According to my name dictionary Atara means crown. This girl deserved hers. Sweet story. Nicely done.



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