By, Nan Claire Falkner

“Love having company!”   Debbie told her daughter arriving home with Boscoe, a 3 month old black lab mix full of mischief.  He had won Mom over as soon as she saw his left ear flop.

By the window, there was a bowl full of chocolate peppermint candy.

“Keep an eye open I’m going to bed now” Dad added.


As morning light hit the sofa, Dara gulped.  “Dad is going to kill me” she whispered – “BAD BOSCOE!”

Wrappers were everywhere and Boscoe was moaning.

Why didn’t she bring the doggie cage?

Dad handed her cleaning supplies.  “Gotta love dogs!”



15 thoughts on “Boscoe

  1. Loved this story and the real life backstory. Last Christmas, I’d packaged up my homemade Christmas cake to take to my parents’ place. It was all wrapped up in paper etc and the jolly dog got into the basket and ate 75% of it. As if that wasn’t bad enough, she just threw it up. I have since found out that Cavaliers are gutses and that all that dried fruit especially the raisins were really bad for chocolate is for dogs.
    Our current dog is jet black with a few small patches of white and can be very sneaky and moves with great stealth and aside from hiding under the table in ambush, he been spotted eating food on top of the table.
    A friend of mine, her dog stole and ate a kg slab of cheese recently. Got the runs.
    xx Rowena

  2. It took me a second and then realized – oh, those chocolates wrapped in silver foil! Boscoe, Reminds me of Roscoe P. Coltrain and his dog Flash. (wasn’t that it?) Oh, dear – Dukes of Hazzard flash back.

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