Paper Clips Everywhere


PHOTO PROMPT © Claire Sheldon

By, Nan Claire Falkner

“We have enough paper clips to make a paper clip chain with this many in the cup!”  Said Colby.  Caleb was the younger brother and they had both collected them off the floor of their Dad’s office.

“Wow!  He said.  “There was a mess of clips on the floor!  Thanks Boys!”

“You’re welcome Dad!” Both boys chimed in.

Steven decided to finish a report while the boys were making airplanes out of extra paper from the printer.

Dad looked at the chain again and thought “I’ll put it on my bulletin board above my desk!  “Wow, Awesome!”

“Good job boys!”



25 thoughts on “Paper Clips Everywhere

    • I’m smiling – and we are babysitting for the little angels right now – lucky us. You let them do everything they dream up – you’re as juvenile as they are.

  1. Clever thought. Get the boys to clean up the desk in a creative way, then use the extra paper to make airplanes and the clips for stabilizers. BTW, I used to make up some of my mom’s bulletin boards when she was a music teacher. She liked my ideas.

    • I bet your Mother smiled about you a lot when you were little. Music is a lot of fun and I loved it! Boys have a lot of fun (Most people told me I would wish I had girls until the girls became teenagers). But, we had so much fun with the rug rats! Happy Days!

    • Really? Do you know what our four boys used to do to the babysitter – It wasn’t pretty and that’s why we paid four times the going rate – just to keep the babysitters from laughing their heads off when we called and pleaded. It was sort of embarrassing but funny too. We sure enjoyed them!

  2. Loved your story, it reminded me about an apprenticed seamstress who daily duty was to pick up hundreds of dress makers pins.

  3. Great story but I really laughed at the comments and your comments about paying the babysitters extra. I have reached the conclusion that kids have so much energy so they still have something left when they reach old age.
    xx Rowena

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