Run, run as fast as you can

Photo by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

by, Nan Claire Falkner

Hurrying up the alley, they ran faster while Mother screamed “Children, run, run!”  She knew full well that not making it meant the end for sure.  Holding the banner, she waved her hands so they would run faster and faster.  If they didn’t make it to the street, they would be “mincemeat” as their adversaries had loudly taunted.

Millie cried but didn’t slow down – even for a second as the bravest of the lot, Norma Jean, shouted back to them – “Go away!”

Having caught them, the marauders shouted “We capture your flag!”

Mother had scurried ahead unnoticed “Not so quick!”


42 thoughts on “Run, run as fast as you can

  1. That was great! I’m out of breath just reading it!
    Nothing better than when the parents play with their kids…

  2. What a lovely story , Nan ! I love that your words makes visualizing the scene so easy . I love the mom, who encourages her kids to do more , be more and is always supportive. The ‘marauders’ are meant as a play term, right? A very engaging read.

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