Little Big Girl

By, Nan Claire Falkner


Screaming people ran as the eerie image of an eighty foot monster girl in a nightgown allowed her presence to be shown.   The scared throng of vacationers could only see her black silhouette which had morphed into the palm trees for a creepy effect.

“Where am I?  She cried out – “What has happened to my bedroom?”

The crowd ran faster hearing her oddly child-like voice bellowing from the trees.  Shadowy figures floated after the people yelling “Go quickly if you want to live!”

“MOMMY!” she screamed.

“No more scary movies for you young lady!”  Mommy said soothing  her daughter back to sleep.


11 thoughts on “Little Big Girl

  1. Hey, Neighbor Nan! Good to see you!

    Good story, very relatable. I have been sleeping with the Adventures of Superman TV series in my head lately.

    Five out of five howyadoin’s. 😉

  2. Must have been Gulliver’s twin sister. Thank goodness it was only a dream. It would take a lot of groceries to feed a girl that size, and tough find her shoes too.

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