by Nan Claire Falkner


Daddy brought home a puppy.  The kids shouted “You’re the best Daddy in the whole world!”  Paxton, Finley, and Otto screeched at the new addition to the family – an adorable brown lab with a white tip on his tail.

”Well, Sweetums,” Mother said, “You’re going to help!”

The next week, Dad came home from a long trip.   Mom said “Can you give the kids a bath?   Toys too! They’re in the bathroom.  Thanks sweet-ums!”

“Okay, he shouted from the bathroom!”

Later, he came out with the kids and she said

“Who took the bath, you or the kids?”


17 thoughts on “Tippy

  1. Very glad you are writing again, Nan. For those who don’t know, Nan loves this writing group and the work that Rochelle Wisoff-Fields does to keep it going. Nan had to take a couple of years off for brain surgery — but has recovered and is BETTER THAN EVER !! Simply said, “She’s BACK”.

    Your husband

  2. Brain surgery. Yikes. Hope you’re on the mend. Funnily enough, I too dropped off the writing scene for a while. But it’s good to be back. Story wise, I liked it. A good piece to ease yourself back in. Nice and light hearted as I remember your stories from a while back

  3. So happy for you that you are back after such a, what must have been, scary experience.
    Very sweet take on the prompt! Welcome back!

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