30 Years of Fun

30 Years of FunBy, Nan Claire Falkner

The summer was almost over when Carl and Patsy left on vacation.

Breckenridge in the Rockies was the ticket this year for fun and Pat couldn’t wait until they were on the road. Planning the trips had always been a huge portion of the fun and excitement. Making lists of what to take, and being a nurse, she always took various products to stop poison ivy in its track, help bee stings be less painful and sunburn salves to repair damaged skin.

In their cabin on Whitetail Road, all the bottles from years of vacations were displayed proudly each year.


34 thoughts on “30 Years of Fun

  1. Hey, I recently cleaned up our little home bar and found 30 year old, half-filled, bottles. And they still tasted good. Back then, could drink a half-bottle and dance all night. Nowadays, sip a small shot … and just start snoring. — — — Now that’s what 30 years later will do to you, ha.

    • Dear Draliman, Well, if you are going to go camping and want to stay warm (even in the summer, it gets cold there at night). I love camping – grew up doing that for vacations as we didn’t have a lot of extra money, so we went camping. We did have a boat and would ski too. I was the last of our family to learn how to ski. WOW – it was fun though!

    • Dear Horus, You are so right – but in the Rockies, it’s cold at night unless you are in a heated cabin. When I was young – we camped with a tent.
      There is so much to do there!
      Thanks for dropping by! Nan

  2. My husband and I are getting ready for a road trip. This story made me so excited to get started! In fact, we’re going toward Breckenridge (my sister was on ski patrol there a zillion years ago) on our way to Denver.

    • Dear Alicia, We were in Breckenridge in May and I just love it there! We have relatives that live in the mountains too. You can’t beat it for clean living! Nan

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