Aunt Mary’s Vittles

Aunt Mary's Vittles

By, Nan Claire Falkner

The best Home Fried Chicken and Batter French Fries was the “Special of the Day.”

Every Fourth of July, Auntie Mary would fry chicken and go to the fair.

This year, a slick lawyer came in seeking to steal the café. He talked to the gal behind the bar. “Sign the dotted line below, Auntie M, and I’ll get you big money. I have $500 in cash if you sign right now.

“I can’t read, but okay Mister, and she signed with a X. He gave her $500 cash, rushed out the door with a contract signed by the waitress.


29 thoughts on “Aunt Mary’s Vittles

  1. I think the waitress just sold a book titled “Swindling the Swindler for Dummies”.

    By the way, glad we are back from vacation so you can write again.

    • They are the first on the scene of an accident or calamity and have cards printed ready to give monetary advice – you betcha! Tell your beautiful wife HI for us! Nan

    • Hi i b arora, He did deserve this – he was trying to swindle Aunt Mary out of her cafe. For every good lawyer (and there are many wonderful ones – including my cousins and nephew) So, this particular one was crooked as a stick. Thank you so much for stopping by my story! I appreciate it so much! Nan

    • Dear Bjorn, You are right – There is always swindler somewhere close. If they put half their effort into a positive trade – they wouldn’t have to swindle people. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Oh, no! That dirty, rotten scoundrel, Nan. What a sad situation. Aunt Mary will not be pleased. And to think she was just off trying to have a good time on her day off! Great story, Nan. Very original.

    • Dear plaridel, Isn’t it a shame – almost makes you sad – but not quite! I have several cousins and friends that are lawyers – they are great people! However, every once in a while you run across a stinker. Thank you so much! Nan

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