The Gatorfish

The Gatorfish

By, Nan Claire Falkner

The Sea Monster was incredible. Dubbed “Marvin the Gatorfish”, it was uncovered near the opening of the tunnel under the sea during reconstruction after the Great Quake. Carla went toward the gate. She had worked three months on Marvin. The wear and tear during the facial reconstruction was excruciating on her hands.

Satisfied with her art, she lay down her tools, took off her coveralls, stepped into the shower and let it run over her sore muscles.

When done, she picked up the phone and dialed her art dealer. “It’s ready”.

“I have a buyer already! A cool mil!”



20 thoughts on “The Gatorfish

  1. A cool mil?! Wow, I guess all her hard work was with it. It’s like a piece of art that’s pseudo science, I guess depending on how she put it back together. Very creative. Great story, Nan!

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