Founders Day

Practice for Founders DayBy, Nan Claire Falkner

On Founders Day each year, there was a parade which ended in Middleton’s Park Square. Everyone was there this year except for Cullen. He had just lost his wife Hallie in a freak accident. She had received a phone call telling her she was next. The Mayor, what he called himself, was a self- appointed cleanser of the lost souls in his village.

“Damn it” he screamed, “This is not what life is supposed to be like!”

“Yes it is, Cullen, she was unclean and she paid the price for it!” the voice behind him whispered. “You know, you’re next.”


40 thoughts on “Founders Day

    • Dear Dee, I know – I don’t know what happened to be, but while we were in Texas on Spring Break, we rode down to Houston with my son, his wife & their 4 kids. The oldest boy, Colby told a scary story in the car right before we got to Kingwood (suburb of Houston) and I laughed so hard at it – he really did a good job – Colby’s story had a man with a hatchet in the woods chasing down two girls. He had his two sisters screaming in the back of the van – WOW – Life at it’s best! It really was a fun time! Nan

  1. I wonder what they did to be unclean? I doubt it had anything to do with soap and water. Probably started writing 100 word stories for Friday Flash Fiction—HA!

    • Thanks Russell, Unclean? I washed my hands last month! It was a little bit sinister, but I just had to write something creepy this week after being on Spring Break vacation with some of our kids in Houston, TX. By the way, Ann & Alan said to say HI! Nan

  2. Loved this and would like to read on. Sinister and it joins a whole tradition of ‘sinister village’ tales. ‘Straw Dogs’ comes to mind. From the IMDb website: “A young American and his English wife come to rural England and face increasingly vicious local harassment.” Actually, it sounds just like the village we lived in in France. 🙂

    • Dear Ann, There are a lot of small creepy towns around. All you have to have is at least one domineering creepy person on the city council and -just like magic- you have Creepyville! Thanks for reading, Nan.

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