Candy Man


Candy Man

By, Nan Claire Falkner

Day after day, the yard filled with debris and broken automobile parts. Unpaid bills mounted daily, and because of mild weather the last two years, few of the expensive winter tires had been sold. If a good old-fashioned snow blizzard didn’t come soon, Clark would lose everything – including his common-law- wife, Candy Kane.

Since they married, his accountant has sent emails weekly warning of his dwindling funds. Candy was a serial shopper.

Walking into his house, he saw a note on the counter which read “Clark, I left you for the Michelin Man.”

Her new name would be Candy Man.


18 thoughts on “Candy Man

  1. I don’t suppose she was thinking what she might be called, only what she might gain. Poor Clark, but I suspect he’ll get over it, and maybe his business will grow without Candy spending the profits. 🙂

  2. Dear Nan,

    Cute story. Love the play on names. I think it should be “his accountant had sent” A bit of tense confusion going on.

    Someone should tell Candy that Mich is a retread and has been around. 😉



  3. Dear Nan,
    Evidently, Candy was attracted to spare tires around Mitch’s waist. I know a lot of women find full-figure men irresistible. Perhaps he has the income to support her as a trophy wife.

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