Board Meeting Adjourned!


Board Meeting AdjournedBy, Nan Claire Falkner

“I don’t care what they say. It’s a wonderful idea and could get us out of the financial hole you put us in by next Christmas!” Julia shouted.

“But, there are too many obstacles to overcome – government regulations, especially at a National Cemetery.” Brent pounded his fist against the marble pillar.

“Look Brent, it’s simple. You attach one of these Gravitar boxes on a headstone, press this button and the dearly departed image and voice speaks to you. Simple!”

“Okay, Jules, I’ll get the engineering department working on it, but the public isn’t going to buy it.”

“Yes they will!”

37 thoughts on “Board Meeting Adjourned!

  1. Oh boy — Here comes another Edesl Ford. For those who are not old enough, Ford management invested a lot of money designing and promoting the Edesl car in the last 1950’s and was absolutely sure customers with buy it — which the customer didn’t. It became a classic “company knows better than the customer” textbook case in business management schools. Yep, the Gravitar boxes is an Edesl.

  2. Julia’s a ‘can do it’ woman. It sounds like Brent’s got nothing to lose by going along with her idea, since he’s proved he hasn’t got the goods to make money. Great dialogue. – really shows their contrasting outlooks.

    • Dear Draliman, It is creepy and morbid and no one wants to talk about it – don’t blame them either. Just a passing thought for halloween. Thanks for stopping by! Nan 🙂

    • Dear Yarnspinner – I think that it’s a mixed bag of whether you got along with them before death and if you didn’t, you wouldn’t be at the grave site anyway. However, it may have unintended consequences – like someone cursing out an ex-husband. I wouldn’t want to be there on Halloween night though! Thanks for stopping by! Nan 🙂

    • Dear Caerlynn, Love your name, and I’m sure most people would prefer silence in a cemetery too. Thanks for the comment – and I love the dead relatives comment – so true! Nan 🙂

    • Dear Amy, Live? GREAT IDEA – Well, think it would be prerecorded – unless they say something about what you’re wearing – like – “Hey kiddo, why would you come here looking like this? Have some RESPECT!” Halloween for sure? Don’t know – it’s just my crazy imagination! Thanks! Nan 🙂

    • Dear Helen, Yes, you could record a slew of stuff that you never had enough nerve to say alive and rant and rave on an ex. That would be fun – although maybe not respectful. I am weird, aren’t I? Thanks! Nan 🙂

    • Dear Marie Gail, Thanks for stopping by and I really had a hard time trying to come up with something creepy this week – so I opened Pandora’s box in my brain – and this was the first thing to jump out. The money would be great though! Thanks a lot! Nan 🙂

    • Dear Snow, True, but you would be able to see and hear what they looked like in life. We were watching a World War II story last week about Patton. They said he had a “curse” and the curse was his voice – it was a high pitched- Nothing like George C. Scott’s speech at Fort Knox in Kentucky that the recruits listen to every morning – which is very motivational. Thanks, Nan 🙂

    • Dear Sandra, So, is that a “Yes” vote for the board meeting? Thanks for stopping by and this would give a whole new meaning for “Speaking ill of the dead.” Creepy, Nan 🙂

  3. Dear Nan,

    I remember when reality television was just a bad idea…well I still think it is…and look how well it’s taken off. If people will watch Honey Boo Boo, they’ll buy just about anything. Fun and imaginative story.



  4. Talk about reruns. My relatives told the same stories over and over while they were alive. I do have a CD of an interview I made in the Story Corp van with my Mom about 3 years before she died. It is nice to hear her voice every now and then. I always get weepy.

    • Dear Russell, That’s a great idea to have an interview with your Mom. I do have a VHS tape of Mother at Christmas 30 years ago. My sister Ann and her husband Alan and their kids were here. I wrote a ‘skit’ for entertainment and love to watch it – Mother is laughing and having so much fun. I watch it now and I’m in Heaven! Love it. Have a good week Russell and thanks for stopping by! Nan 🙂

  5. No, this is two creepy for words. I’m sure Julia’s right and the public will buy it, but count me out. I don’t know where this idea came from, but it’s fun to read about (and that’s all I ever want to do, read about it 🙂 ).

  6. Nan, That’s one of those creative things that might appeal to some and not to others. I think most cemetaries would be too conservative for that. It is creepy. O_o Well written. 🙂 — Susan

  7. I’m not sure I’d be comfortable with this. Very spooky. Although you do get this sort of thing in museums. Or watching movies where all the actors are dead.
    You used the marble pillar in the piece. Clever; I was wondering how the words and the pic are related.

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