Are you sluggish in the morning – Tired of Prunes?


By Nan C. Falkner

Try our Silver Mucil Concrete Smasher Pops for Plumbing Problems

It works! Listen to this testimonial: “When I backed up in my new red convertible, my husband walked behind me. Oops!”

He had a torn rotator cuff and was in traction for six weeks on pain meds. After one Smasher Pop of Silver Mucil, and a whack on the head with a frying pan to relax him, it worked like a charm in ten minutes! I don’t know what we ever did without it!”

Only $25.00 per SUCKER!


If you order today – you get two for one!


44 thoughts on “Are you sluggish in the morning – Tired of Prunes?

  1. Hey … wait a minute … This is way to close to home. Yep, you did have a red convertible. Yep, you was the cause for me falling down after a romantic kiss, tearing my rotator cuff and jamming a wood splinter in my foot an inch deep. Yep, I feel like I have been relaxed by a frying pan. … Yep, this story is too close to home for me. — Nicely done on all fronts, ha.

  2. Poor Mike. Now, you’re feeding him laxative on a stick. I hope that wasn’t the shoulder of his “wiping” arm that had surgery. How much life insurance did you say you have on him?

    • Dear Anne, You are so funny! Mike doesn’t want to give up his (already broken in) frying pan because it fits him perfectly now. You are so witty! Thanks for stopping by Anne! Have a great week! I will put your order in as soon as they call me back. Nan 🙂

  3. Dear Nan,

    Is this the verbalization of a hidden desire? Loved this ‘advertisement’ and hope things are going well. (I might have to try the frying pan. 😉 )



    • Dear Rochelle, I thought I could get away with it – oh well – like they say “Best laid plans ….”
      I haven’t dreamed about the frying pan for months – I’m writing this stuff in my sleep. Gosh, I hope not. But Mike always tells people that his head didn’t get lopsided by accident (it’s not). I’m weening him off the drugs slowly. He’ll live. Ah….. I mean if I was the one in the testimonial – which I’m not – Really! Have a great week and thanks for everything you do for us Rochelle, you are a jewel and our most prized possession! Thanks, Nan 🙂

  4. Dear Nan,

    It sounds as though the frying pan has been getting a lot of use lately. Nice slice of (your?) life. A lovely story that makes me believe you could have a second career in marketing.



    • Thanks Doug, I love making fun of every situation – well almost. I appreciate your comments and yes, I used to write some commercials for a radio station plus all the ones I’ve done for party newsletters that are always funny. Nan 🙂

    • That’s why I like you Kent – you are a realist! Yes and I’m so tired of the late-night ads selling stuff you don’t ever want and then they say “But WAIT, if you order in the next 20 minutes, we’ll double the offer and all you have to do is pay for the extra shipping & handling.” What a gimmick. Nan 🙂

      • Welcome to my work world. As annoying as it is, though, it’s a technique that actually words well. If you have a book to sell, you can market it in kind of a similar way.

    • I think it would be so much fun doing commercials – when I worked at a radio station in Springdale, I wrote some commercials and they were re-broadcast on other radio stations. Cool and fun! You gotta hook them somehow!

  5. Ha ha, Nan! This is funny! I hope Mike is feeling better. Nothing that a whack with the frying pan can’t cure. Two of these lovelies for 25 bucks! Now that’s a steal. Fun, well told story!

    • Thanks Amy, Mike appreciates all my stories at his expense – he really does as long as I don’t do them. I did tell the boys if something happens to their father to wipe my computer clean! Ha ha – anyway, Mike laughed and thanks for asking about him. 3 more weeks until physical therapy begins. Nan 🙂

    • Dear Alicia, Really? I’ll have to talk to the marketing department – it’s all in the ad, if you don’t have the right script – no one wants to buy it – maybe we should work on the flavor? Nan 🙂

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