Whatever Lola Wants


One week down, and five to go on Mike’s shoulder and I’m still here! When you take a bunch of heavy powered pain pills – there are side effects!   Those have been worked out and now on to healing – then the real fun starts – PHYSICAL THERAPY! Thanks for all the well-wishes for him – he really appreciated it!


By, Nan Claire Falkner

Walking into the Lotus Bar she sat on the only clean stool. Looking up, she noticed the fly strips were overloaded.

She killed a fly with her menu and yelled “Martin – get in here!” Scraping the fly off the menu and putting it back in place.

“What ya want Lola?”

“Put new strips up there. If they start falling off again, the Health Department will come back.”

Cursing, he went to the supply closet.

Tall, blond and handsome walked inside and removed his sunglasses. He took off his Indian jacket and hung it up.

Lola smiled, “Things are looking up!”


34 thoughts on “Whatever Lola Wants

  1. I’ll been in places like that. Always wanted to do a military “about-face” movement and quickly exit at a run. But then there was a Lola-type sitting at the bar, ha. Oh … to be young and stupid again.

  2. I love this piece, Nan! I often like to think of myself as a Lola. 🙂 The song is in my head.
    Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl
    With yellow feathers in her hair and a dress cut down to there


  3. Dear Nurse Nan,

    I could picture this dive. I think I’d just walk out. Well described. 😉

    One point that confused me. Blonde vs blond. The first is feminine, the second is male.

    A good title adds a hundred words to a story. Well done.



    PS Sending thoughts and prayers your way.

    • Thank you Rochelle for your comment. I guess I must have been asleep in class the day they talked about the word ‘blond’ vs ‘blonde’, Sorry, I will fix it because you are right, as usual. Thanks for reading Rochelle! Nan

    • Hey Rochelle, Mike had to reboot my computer tonight (I really don’t even know how to post these stories). I thought I had replied to your comment regarding the blond vs. blonde and you were right. I either never learned that or forgot at some time. Thanks for being you! Nan 🙂

  4. Fly strips in a bar Oh no! Yucky. Things are looking up, indeed, with tall, blond and handsome. Who can blame Lola? This was great, Nan! Hope Mike is doing well and you’re hanging in there.

    • Dear Amy, You wouldn’t believe the amount of bars I’ve been in that have fully loaded fly strips and I can’t stand them. I think they should be changed daily at least – or even when they have snagged a customer. Thanks! Nan 🙂

    • Thank you for your comment and reading my story. This is so late because I am either 1) computer illiterate; 2) lazy 3) need new reading glasses. I am so sorry – but it’s a little of all three. Sorry this is so late and Thanks for reading my story!

    • Hi K.Z. Well, I missed answering a slew of comments and I’m so sorry. Thank you for reading my story. I’ll get better – at least I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. I apologize. Oops!

    • Oh Bjorn, I am so sorry that I never answered all the comments that came my way and I now know how to go back and double check that I did. Thank you so very much!

  5. Great atmosphere and it put me right in. I like the “Whatever Lola Wants” title. I could feel like I’m at Mother’s and all you need is Henry Mancini street jazz. OK, maybe not for a dive like Martin’s but …
    I was thinking of a good character for Lola, maybe as a female Peter Gunn, possibly? Just rambling.

    Give my best to Mike! Where’s he getting therapy?

  6. Ah, good old flypaper. There’s something repulsive and magical about seeing it dangle from the ceiling. I bet it would make a good bandage too. Wrap one around Mike’s shoulder. Tell him it will make him more “attractive” 🙂

  7. Oh dear! Actually, my favorite BBQ restaurant in Kansas City (although it closed a couple of years ago) could have used some fly paper. Interesting take on the prompt. I hope the blond sticks around like a fly trapped on fly paper. Sounds like Lola could use a pick-me-up.


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