Volunteer at Your Own Risk

Sorry this is late, Mike had surgery on his shoulder Thursday and I am playing Nancy Nurse.

Here is my 100 word submission. Thank you Rochelle, My belle, Wishoff-Fields and Dawn Q. Landau for supplying the picture – you are both incredibly talented!


Volunteer at Your Own Risk

By, Nan Claire Falkner

Maybelle, having been in a horrific accident five years ago, now volunteered as a helper for the grafting clinic.

She had a new face, new arms and a cane for walking which doubled as a thumper for the Cannibees trying to feast on the new skin. The stretchers did their job as they pulled and weighted the epidermis so the cells could multiply quickly.

She was on the way home when she saw them coming. The Captain cleared his throat and shouted “King Scab has decreed a new law: We will no longer refrain from eating your caretakers.”

Maybelle gulped.


33 thoughts on “Volunteer at Your Own Risk

  1. Yikes! You can tell you’ve been involved with hospitals and healing this week. This is kind of funny. Was it supposed to be? Hope Mike heals quickly in spite of the new decree by King Scab!

    • Dear Alicia, I don’t know where the cannibal idea came from – Mike is in pain (like a bear sometimes) and yes it was supposed to be funny. I didn’t make myself clear – so read the answer I gave to Rochelle. Thanks for stopping by! Nan 🙂

  2. Dear Nan,

    A different take on the plot. In all honesty, though, I’m not sure what you were saying in the last sentence. Was King Scab eating her flesh?

    I hope Mike is on the mend and you’re able to take care of yourself.



    • Dear Rochelle, Mike said the same thing but I thought maybe it was the Percocet.(pain meds) I really didn’t make myself that clear. The Cannibees are a group of Cannibals (ick!) that had taken to just eating the skin from this (stupid story) skin graft factory. SORRY. King Scab was changing his mind on eating people. So – maybe this belongs in a much longer story or not at all – probably preferable. Mike wins – darn it! (I’m losing my mind maybe they are really inside my brain – oh wait – Mike is ringing his damn bell again. Just kidding – he’s a model patient – NOT!

  3. Oh my, Nancy Nurse. This is unexpected! I think the nursing role as definitely rubbed off and has inspired your writing! Great story, Nan. I hope your husband is feeling better soon.

    • Dear Amy, I think the pain in Mike’s shoulder is rubbing off on me. I didn’t make myself that clear. This is a story about cannibals (I don’t know why). Mike has a bell, which I gave him to ring for emergencies which covers everything. Thanks for stopping by Amy! Nan 🙂

  4. That’s one lousy ruling. Isn’t there an appeal or something? Can we vote out the Captain? I didn’t know about your husband, I hope he is doing well and is nowhere near the grafting clinic!

    • Dear Perry, Thanks for reading. I agree, the Captain is a creep – I don’t know where this cannibalistic story came from but perhaps it’s the ‘Nancy Nurse’ subconscious coming out. Mike ran up 3 stairs to give me a kiss on our Anniversary (44) on Aug. 8. So he fell back and onto a very hard piece of steel equipment and also stepped so hard on a piece of wood that a 1/16 inch by 1 inch deep – which had to be removed by surgery too. We’re getting old.
      Oh well, still here. Thanks Perry! Nan 🙂

    • Dear Shailaja, I had a hard time too – but then I was sitting at the hospital with Mike’s (husband) surgery on his shoulder. I hate the thought of cannibalism so I don’t know why I would have written this – probably lack of sleep and this bell I gave Mike is ringing all the time – HELP ME! Thanks, Nan 🙂

      • Oh, I didn’t think it was lame! On the contrary, I thought it was quite cool and imaginative. 🙂

        You know, I never read Alice in Wonderland or Through the Looking Glass until I was probably around twenty years old, then I picked them up one day out of curiosity. I love weird things like that, and this story I think fits in that niche.

  5. Nan, Fantastic and well-written story. King Scab sounds like a dangerous character. I hope your husband heals soon. That bell sounds like something I vetoed for a lovebird we once had. He loved attention, and I told everyone to please not supply him with a bell. We’d have no peace if we did. Well done. 🙂 —Susan

    • Dear Susan, Thanks for reading my story – I wasn’t that clear but I’ve had a rough week and 5 more to follow caring for a bell-ringing hubby with a clipped wing. Have a great week! Nan 🙂

  6. Ha ha. Wow. What have you been smoking? First thing I did when I read that last line was go “yikes” what the heck? King Scab does not sound good. You made me laugh. I liked it and don’t let anyone tell you different. Poor Nan. The Bell thing–tried it once with my hubby. Only once. Lucy

  7. I like the sinister/comic atmosphere you developed here. And as for the story not being clear, I think the only word that seems obscure is “caretakers”, which I puzzled over a bit,

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