Trash Hauling for the Not So Rich and Infamous

Trash Hauling
By, Nan Claire Falkner

Learning to drive a trash truck was not as easy as it looked.  After Billy Bob read the book, looked over the truck, and practiced with a plastic refuse tub, he thought he would cinch the test.  After paying his $10 fee he followed the officer out to the truck.

He hit an outhouse and three mailboxes on Old Wire Road and a dogs bowl. But, Martha (the license officer) said he would still pass.  Pulling into the parking lot, he hit some pallets full of flowers and ivy ready to be planted at her house.

Them’s my flowers. You Flunk!”


62 thoughts on “Trash Hauling for the Not So Rich and Infamous

  1. Nan, One of the families whose kids grew up with my sister and me were in the waste disposal service, and I think they might take exception to your representation of the folks in the industry here. I, however, think this is a fine story. I’m sure there are trash collectors of every sort out there, and I know an instructor would certainly take exception to her plants being destroyed. Cute take on the prompt.


  2. When I was in high school (many moons ago), I think I read the same driving instruction booklet that Billy Bob read … and had the same results. Oh well….

  3. Cute story, Nan! Sounds like my trash haulers. Add in throwing my cans and lids in the ditch and ripping the wheels off them, I’d say Billy Bob is my guy. I think the trash company needs higher standards all around.

    • Dear Melanie, You’re right – an outhouse would be pretty bad and yucky. It would have to be covered over pretty quickly or else someone would take a stinky fall. Thanks for reading! Nan 🙂

  4. Nan, I think we are all happy that he flunked.. put those flowers everywhere and let the bad drivers fail.. (and I think the neighbors are grateful)… reminds me of when I took the test.. everything went fine for me, and then the other guy was driving.. and stopped by a red light.. and our license office exclaimed…

    “That was not very smart”

    the poor guy almost melted … (it was a very hot day and no A/C)

    “stopping here in the sunshine, when there’s shadow 10 meters back”.. we both passed the test.

    • Dear Bjorn, Glad you passed! I passed mine the first time I took it. Years ago you had to parallel park between cars – I can’t believe they let us do that – if we had hit one of the cars – my goodness – think of the paperwork! U usually try to stop in the shade too and right now, my air conditioning is broken in my car – HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh well, I can use Mike’s truck in case I need it – it’s been 97 degrees F. today! Thanks Bjorn! Nan 🙂

  5. Well, this obviously took place in NW Arkansas. Billy Bob and Old Wire Road was a dead give away. Around here, you get points for hitting mail boxes and extra credit for outhouses (as long as they’re empty).

    • Gee Russell, I knew you would remember where I was talking about! Old Wire Road – I never hit an out house – but I have used them several times. Mikes grandmother, who lived until she was 99, had one and when our kids were little they wanted a nose clip to go inside. But – now they love camping. Have a good week – tell Connie Hey! Nan 🙂

    • Thanks Kent, I got my drivers license when I was 16 and passed the first time – however, my twin Ann, had to retake the next week. The one and only time that I ever beat her at anything – ever! Thanks for reading! Nan 🙂

    • Dear Lucy, Thanks for the comment. I had to take the physical driving test at 16 and then when we moved to California too – which I thought, at the time, was such a crock because California drivers are crazy (well – a few of them are – not all of them!) Thanks! Nan 🙂

    • Hi Amy! I learned how to drive around our 5 chicken houses with a manual transmission 1954 grey and other colors Ford truck. It was fun, but my sister and I used to get in trouble for scaring the darn chickens – they really are a dumb bird – but turkeys are even dumber. That was rude of me – sorry to all my feathered friends. Nan

  6. Nice idea Nan…no more digs about lady drivers! But where in the world can you get any kind of license for $10.00? Where in the world does Billy Bob live?

  7. Nan let’s hope he doesn’t run over any more flowers…but it does look like a beautiful flower child trash truck! Cute story Nan. From a child of the 60s Pam

    • Dear Pammy, Thank you very much – I’m glad you came to visit and you know the 60’s were very adventurous! It does look sort of like a flower child truck doesn’t it? Thanks! Nan 🙂

  8. Nan… Great idea … Now no more cracks about lady drivers with this guy on the road…. But where in the world does Billy Bob live to get a license for anything for $10.00….Denise

    • Hi Denise, Mike said you called – I approved your message so now you’re approved too. Every state charges different amounts for licenses. I remember when we lived in Wisconsin – it was $3.00 years ago. Have a good week and thanks Denise for reading my story – it means a lot to me! Nan 🙂

    • Dear Susan, Like Russell said above, you get more points for an outhouse as long as it’s empty. I think that is the standard for most of the Continental United States. Thanks for reading! Nan 🙂

  9. Nan, I have left you a comment on this…not sure why it isn’t posting…This was a good story – but where is Billy Bob that a license only costs $10.00??? And…no more trash talking on ladies drivers! Denise

    • Dear Denise, I approved your comment so it’s been approved in the moderation. Thanks for reading. And you are right – I’m a better driver than Mike is, and he knows it. Well, except for the snow – although, once we were driving to Wisconsin and we were in a blizzard – so I did good. Thanks again, Nan 🙂

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