He Was Wearing a Treasure Map Shirt

He Was Wearing a Treasure Map ShirtBy, Nan Claire Falkner

Ashley’s ears popped on descent and Keith smiled at her –“We’re almost home!”

Thirty minutes later, they pulled into their driveway. The kids, a 3 1/2 year old tow-head boy and 1 year old girl with an infectious smile and a fresh, lumpy surprise for the next changer of her diaper, ran toward their parents.

“Mommy – Daddy, I found treasure in the mud!”

Looking down, Keith took the offering from his son. It was a diamond.

My lost earring!” Ashley squealed.

Keith looked at Grandpa who was holding the garden hose which had made the Earthy concoction and laughed “Arrrrrrrrr!”


51 thoughts on “He Was Wearing a Treasure Map Shirt

    • Dear Dawn, True Story: When we lived in Mission Viejo, California in 1981-1982, I took all four kids to the school skating party and lost my diamond out of my original set. I cried and cried – Mike was out of town, and he told me to go get a new diamond (he didn’t say what size) so I did. Naughty me – but the same thing happened when we moved to Lenexa, KS – but I found it in the turkey platter on Thanksgiving. Change of tactic, change prongs to white gold (stronger) and the rest of the ring is 18K gold which is so soft I could bend it with pliers. So, I was thankful. Did you lose it near a turkey or a skating rink? Boy I do run my mouth don’t I? Sorry. Nan 🙂

    • Dear Amy, I was over at Keith’s & Ashley’s the other day and the 3 year old had this shirt that had a treasure map on it and he said to me “Nana, there’s treasure outside”
      So – that’s the back story. The baby is walking now and has 3 toothies. (I have 13 grandchildren). Nan 🙂

    • Dear Ann Melinda, Thank you so much for stopping by and reading about your niece and grand niece a grand nephew – your grandchildren are just as adorable – as you well know. Thanks to the BTSE (best twin sister ever). Nan

    • Dear Alicia, Thank you for reading! I know it’s fluff – but the back story is in Amy Reese’s reply above. I wrote 4 stories this week – one was about the left wing in politics and I thought I better not go there. I usually sit on the right side myself! Thanks, Nan

    • Dear Rochelle, Thank you for reading – you have a beautiful granddaughter with a climbing dog and I think of her and how cute she is! Grand-kids are the icing of life!
      Thanks Rochelle, your little Miss “O” is so adorable too. Thanks for the picture prompt too!

    • Dear Patrick, Yes we have one of the quickest in and out airports in the country. It has always been a drawing card to Kansas City, I think – however, the “Powers” in charge, want to combine all 3 concourses into 1 and I’m not so sure. People in High Places don’t always make good “lofty” decisions! Thanks for reading! Nan

    • Dear Sandra, Thanks for stopping by – I wrote 4 different stories this week, but the shirt made up my mind when I was there this weekend. Thank you Sandra, Nan 🙂

  1. Lovely to find such treasure! What serendipity, Nan! 🙂
    Best wishes for us to discover such diamonds!
    Very different take on the topic 🙂

    • Dear Anita, Thank you for reading my story and commenting! I love the word ‘serendipity’ – it’s a happy word! There is a back story on Amy Reese’s reply (above) and I know this is just fluff, but I had fun doing it. Thanks! Nan 🙂

    • Dear Susan, Why thank you! I wrote 4 stories this week and was over at their house last weekend and Mr. “P” showed me his treasure map shirt he was wearing. He was so proud of it! Thanks for you kindness! Nan 🙂

    • Dear Dee, Thank you for reading my fluffy story this week, I couldn’t resist after Mr. P showed it to me last weekend. There is a back story on Amy Reese’s reply above. Thanks! Nan 🙂

    • Dear Kent, Why thank you so much! I know it is a “fluff” story but he had this treasure map shirt on the other day and he was so excited about being a pirate. Thanks, Nan 🙂

      • Fluff has its place. Sometimes it is a nice alleviation from all the melodrama, murders and love stories we like to write about a lot of times on this blog! 😀

        Weighing anchor, matey, arrrrr!

  2. Stake at the ready for Raynard – Al and I have fun with this adventure.
    Thanks for stopping by.

    Nice to have Parents who will take the grandkids – I’ve got mind a 4 and 1 year old during the day for most of the week. I haven’t done an overnight…yet. 🙂

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