ChopsticksBy, Nan Claire Falkner

“Husband, we need to replace this counter! I have splinters!” Ming-Ming pleaded as he walked in the door.

His daughters were playing Chopsticks on the piano.

“Unexpected expenses have come up – we can’t afford it! I’m hungry!” snapped Charles.

“We’re having your favorite, General Tso’s Chicken.”

Charles didn’t want to talk. He was cheating on her. Today he had leased a patio home near his office for Evie.

“What does your fortune chopsticks say?”

“I’m dumber than a fork?” He said gasping after biting into a killer pepper.

“Husband, perhaps Evie can help you. Water’s on the counter, you prick!”



66 thoughts on “Chopsticks

  1. Ohhhh …. SNAP! Caught! I loved the way you worked in the chopsticks AND the song, too. You really went all out pin the prompt here. Nice work, just great! Dang it! I’m hungry now …

    • Ming-Ming works at the library when I was there. She is Chinese and so very nice, she gave me my name written in Chinese on rice paper. Such a cool gift. Ming-Ming is brilliant and so are you Rochelle! Thanks for including me! Nan 🙂

  2. Nan, it’s so weird to read your story after last night Bill showed us a YouTube video of a woman who accidentally (supposedly) ate a hot pepper. I can visualize your story in excruciatingly hot detail. 🙂


    • Dear Janet, This actually (really truly) happened to me at a Chinese Restaurant when we first moved here. I thought I was choking to death – scary but I survived! Thanks for stopping by Janet! Nan 🙂

  3. many questions on this most excellent read:
    – How did wife find out about husband’s cheating?
    – What were the tell-tale signs?
    – Was his choking a dead give-away?
    – Shouldn’t you have written ” you plick” – rather than “you prick”?

    sometimes rittle things mean a rot,
    (good story one again – Landy)

  4. Nan,
    Good story. I find it interesting that this photo prompt has led to so many tales of lost love and cheating or manipulative lovers. I particularly like the way you incorporate the kids pounding out “Chopsticks” on the piano. It helps set the scene for the harried, discarded wife. I hope she’s the one who files for divorce. With a good attorney, she should be able to take him (and Evie) to the cleaners.


    • Hi Dawn, He is socially illiterate and thinks he can get out of any situation with his suave sophisticated personality, but this time, the tables will be turned! Thanks for dropping by and reading my story! Nan 🙂

  5. Nan, Wow. Something tells me he’s going to have more trouble than that hot pepper. Looks like Evie’s not feeding him. She better learn to cook or he’ll have to eat out from now on. He’s going to find out how expensive a divorce can be.Well written. 🙂 —Susan

  6. And all this time time I thought Evie was the hotie in this story. I guess Ming Ming had a pepper up her sleeve. Great story, Nan. Thanks for working the song in there too. I wondered if anyone was going to do that.

  7. Greatest punishment ever..killer pepper haha and Russell I guess I thought wrong with you 🙂 Spicy work Nan 😉

  8. Nan, She will never get away with it. I just would have handed him divorce papers. And taken him for all that he has..

    • Dear Ann, This is fiction and I can kill him if I want to:) Just kidding, I think he lives and does take him to the cleaners – the jerk. Thanks for reading my story Sis! Nan 🙂

  9. Next time he’ll just agree to replace the counter! Hell…he should pay to remodel the entire kitchen. This was a chuckle, Nan.
    Excuse the delay….I’m trying to figure out how to get through the list of stories and try a new way each week. 😛 It’s probably not possible to read them all….

  10. Nan, First thanks for stopping by all these weeks and sharing your nice words & comments. I didn’t know how to reach you. Today, I am delighted to be visiting your Blog 🙂

    That’s so bad of Charles to cheat on his Chinese wife- Ming Ming. He has an affair with Evie, still his wife serves him food…proves how nice she is. Also she has his favorite food in her mind.
    Wonder what Charles does next!!!

    I am deeply hurt when I read/see cases of infidelity.
    Why can humans be loyal to their partners? Some animals are much better than us…

    • Dear Anita, Thank you for stopping by. I like your writing a lot. I’m old and have dabbled in writing for years and it’s fun to write. I used to sit in airports and make up stories about people walking by (I didn’t say it out loud). But it’s fun to write. So, thanks for trying to find me! I appreciate your kindness! Nan 🙂

  11. Great prompt response Nan!

    All wrapped in rice paper? 😉

    Absolutely wonderful how you weaved so many elements together.

    • Dear Lucy, Thank you for your comments. Sorry this is so late, but I was going over my posts and saw that I had not replied to some comments. So sorry for this!

  12. I really enjoyed how you got all the references in – bamboo top, chopsticks on the piano. The last line is the clincher though – wonderful comeback from the wife there.

    • Hi Sarah Ann, I’m so sorry this is so late, but I just figured out how to go back and check if I answered all the comments. Well I hadn’t. Thank you for reading my story!

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