Billy Goats Gruff

Billy Goats GruffBy, Nan Claire Falkner

Last year, the famous “Billy Goats Gruff” played to a sold-out audience in Nottingham Forrest for the annual Fourth of July Celebration. It wasn’t a pretty picture in Celeb Magazine, showing the carnage in the aftermath of the concert. Head Bangers from the Bunters Club drank too many shots of tequila. They, started taking off their hats and clothes, and then fights broke out. They got arrested for being disorderly and for public intoxication.

At the trial, the Troll Judge literally threw the book at them. “Chew on this a while, and maybe you’ll learn how to behave in public.”

42 thoughts on “Billy Goats Gruff

    • Dear Snow, Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my story! I think the Troll Judge has so much common sense (too bad our real judges don’t). Thanks again! Nan 🙂

    • Dear Janet, Thanks for the comments! It does sound like a concert from the 60’s and the Goats can absorb the contents of the book through their stomachs. Have a good week!

  1. I hope the book had the dictionary part in it – coz first they need to to find he meaning of the word -“behave”? Am sure those Head Bangers were unaware of its meaning. 🙂

  2. Nan, Funny story. I could just see the goats removing their hats and clothes. A troll judge was probably the worst kind they could have gotten as I don’t think trolls are known for their good humor. I could also see him sitting at the bench. 😀 Well written. 🙂 —Susan

  3. I think the judge should throw tin cans at them instead. I sold a copy of my book to Judge Stacey Zimmerman, but made her promise not to throw it at anyone. She just laughed.

    • Dear Russell, Hey, that makes you gainfully employed – I’m impressed! The Judge didn’t want to enforce the laws of the land – so he usually did nothing! Thanks for coming by! Nan 🙂

  4. Goats or not, sounds like you’ve experienced some pretty hilarious parties there in Kansas, Nan 😛 The “maybe you’ll learn how to behave in public” part…funny and enjoyable.

    • Dear Dawn, Thank you very much! I had fun with it- Went to a family reunion this weekend and we just got back. I’m tired and grumpy – maybe I’m a troll wannabe! Thanks for stopping by, Nan 🙂

  5. Hey, I would have stayed away from the party. Bad goats. I would file an appeal. Your impression of the photo is different. Good job. Ann

    • Dear Twin A (Melinda), Thanks for reading this story too! You must have been really busy today with all the comments you left me and I thank you! I think the judge throwing them the ‘book’ gave them not only food for thought, but a headache too! Thanks for stopping by and reading my story sis! Nan Claire 🙂

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