Pranks Away

Pranks AwayCopyright – Jennifer Pendergast

By Nan Claire Falkner

“Plebes, since we can’t drink on campus anymore and you still have to go through initiation, when the next nerd walks by, throw the water. Do Not Throw It On A Lady! Or we’ll all be doomed to loneliness the whole semester. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?” The fraternity president said.

“YES SIR!” the pledge class hollered in unison.

“Classes are over in ten minutes!” He added.

An hour later, the members were looking at each other in horror.

“I can’t believe what just happened!” The leader of the pledge class said, looking at the Sorority Mom wet and on the ground.


46 thoughts on “Pranks Away

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Oh … my … GOODNESS!!! I just got whacked upside the head with a great punchline. Fabulous, Nan! This is what it’s about!
    Five laughing faces. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  2. Ummm, these guys either don’t know the difference between men and women, or they misinterpreted the command not throw the water on a lady. Either way, they must be at the bottom of the fraternity food chain…Phi Kappa Duh.

    • Yes they did Rochelle! All my boys lived in either different fraternities or off campus! They sure had fun and a lot of stories too! When the youngest one was in his fraternity, all the brothers and my nephew would go for the family weekend. Good times for them all! Thanks, Nan 🙂

    • Thanks K.Z. I have 4 boys and 1 didn’t go into a fraternity – but I can imagine what trouble they could get into. Now, all the members of that fraternity will be so ticked off at them, Silly boys! Nan

    • Dear Russell, Thank you. The stories my boys have told me over the years is hilarious! The only thing I really liked about the fraternities – is they made my kids study- they didn’t want to have to go through Pledge class again. Once was bad enough! Have a great week! Nan

    • Probably not, they haven’t listened to anyone yet – doubt they are going to get grounded a whole semester (they’d drop out). Oh well, be smarter next time, I hope. Thanks for stopping by! Nan

    • Why thank you Dawn – All my boys were in different fraternities – they sure had some funny stories (I know I didn’t hear them all) but they were fun to listen to. Have a good week Dawn! Nan

  3. And each one of these guys is going to turn into Mitt Romney! Great depiction of the good old college days that I didn’t exactly have, but many others did.

    • Dear Bjorn, a lot of the fraternities have gotten into so much trouble for hazing so they have cut way back – on the underage drinking at least. They still don’t have a lick of sense sometimes! Have a great week. Thanks for stopping by, Nan 🙂

      • Remember, you prompted the different take.
        I like the way you leave me hanging.
        But now it will keep me up at night contemplating. ;0)
        Oh well. It’s better than worrying.
        (Just so you know I am teasing. I don’t stay up worrying.)

  4. I feel like I’m being a bit dense this week, Nan, but this one left me a bit confused. I get the gist – frat initiation gone wrong – but not the details. What does “Classes are over in 10 minutes” mean? And how come that got it so wrong? Anyway, maybe I just need more coffee before I re-read it!

    • Dear Jen – sorry – it probably is a very confusing story. When we were in college, the classes let out at 10 minutes before the hour so you knew you had to hurry up and get going or get caught in a huge people jam. So these silly boys were going to throw the water down on the next poor chap. Well, instead, someone called “Pour” when it was the housemother going through instead of the guy. Oh well, I owe you a cup of Folgers! Sorry, Glad you stopped by though! Nan 🙂

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