After the Tsumani

After the TsumanmiCopyright -B. W. Beacham

By, Nan Claire Falkner

After the tsunami hit the inlet, the village took inventory of the damage. The water reached into most people’s yards and only took the trash by their front walkways.

Sammy and Julie had been lovers since high school with three kids now – always being slow to recover from one of his weekend losses. Sammy gambled away most of their money each week before the first hymnal opened Sunday morning.

The storm had delivered a cart of groceries with milk included. “There is so much to be thankful for”, thought Jules. “The sea taketh what it wants but leaves us something.”



29 thoughts on “After the Tsumani

  1. Julie probably would be MORE THANKFUL if she could get her husband to stop gambling. But then what do I know, I’m a small businessman and that is gambling — right?

    • Dear Perry, I think that would solve all her problems if her husband was replaced with a new one that didn’t even like to play slot machines. Thanks for reading and commenting – I really appreciate it! Nan 🙂

    • I watched a show about tsunami’s on History Channel and that’s where I learned that some of them are pretty small and occur every day. It’s the big one’s you hear about. Thanks a lot for reading my story Karen, and commenting. I appreciate it! Nan 🙂

  2. How interesting to see that we went in similar directions. I really thought more people would go with tsunami; it jumps off the page! I like the tender tone to yours. So sad that Sammy and Julie can only catch a break from a tragic situation. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who live like that.

    • Hi Dawn! It is sad that so many people live like that and I’ve known some. I took one look and noticed the shopping cart in the water and thought “tsunami’s” for sure! Usually I go with one word or thought that comes to mind when I look at the picture. Thanks for reading and commenting! Nan 🙂

  3. Dear Nan

    I agree with Perry, The tsunami should’ve taken Sammy. But it sounds like Jules must love him and is willing to put up with him. Good one.



    • Dear Rochelle, Julie or “Jules” is a sap. She lets him gamble away everything all the time and she doesn’t want to hurt his feelings! Go figure. Happens a lot I’m sure! Nan 🙂

    • Dear Draliman, Wouldn’t that be wonderful! What a glorious day that would be for the wifey. Have a great week and thanks for stopping by to read my story and especially for commenting! Nan 🙂

  4. Nan, you showed a silver lining in a big, black cloud. I’m not so excited about all the garbage floating around now, though. 🙂 BTW, “high school” doesn’t get caps.


    • Dear Janet, I think the silver lining will probably be short lived – but nice while it lasted. Thanks for the heads up on high school. I was going to give it a name: Springdale High School, but forgot about it as I am easily distracted and had a lot of company last week. Thanks for reading my stories Janet, I really do appreciate your kindness! Nan 🙂

  5. Unique take on a tsunami, Nan. I almost get the sense that the tsunami isn’t really the little flood that hit the inlet but the aftermath of Sammy’s gambling habit.

    As Janet pointed out, “high school” should be in lower case. Also, I think Julie’s thoughts in the last paragraph would be stronger in present tense. Consider replacing “was” with “is.”

    Nice story.

    Marie Gail

    • Dear Marie Gail, I agree with you and changed the ‘was’ to ‘is’. Thanks for all of your insight and help with writing – I truly appreciate your help! Last week I had a houseful of company and lots of pitter patter’s of tiny footsteps. They were my world last week, as was my twin sister, Ann who was visiting from Houston. Mother named us Ann & Nan. Most people think my name is really Nancy or Nannette or something similar, but it’s just plain old Nan. Have a great week Marie and thank you a lot!. Nan 🙂

      • One of my dearest friends and mentors from back home is an identical twin named “Jan.” Her twin sister is named “Ann.” I love both of them dearly, and it’s a pleasure to meet one half of another charming set of twins. Honestly, you are charming all on your own, with or without your replica.

        Always a pleasure,
        Marie Gail

  6. Nan, Good story and very realistic. I would guess there are quite a few familes who have that problem. He needs to get help but probably doesn’t want to admit he has a problem. His kids will probably spell it out loud and clear to him when they get older.
    Well done.


    • Dear Patriciaruthsusan, Thanks for reading the story. There are a lot of families that go through this each year. I don’t think the odds are great (pun intended) for him to quit without intervention help. Have a great week! Nan 🙂

    • Thanks Russell, I’ve had friends and a few relatives who couldn’t stop gambling until they got help. I can’t even put a nickel in the slot machine without getting sick at my stomach. Have a good week Russell! Nan 🙂

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