Wax On, Wax Off With His Head

photoCopyright – Renee Heath

By, Nan Claire Falkner


During the wedding reception, Marty pulled triple duty – singing for the bands’ “no-show crooner”, bartending, and cleanup crew.   Now he could buy the baby bed from IKEA Jen had been eying.

In the kitchen, on top of the cake stand had been a wax bride, now melted.   The groom’s figure was missing. Marty followed the tell-tale melting wax hands pointing to the twenty gallon bucket on the floor filled with ice, water and beer.

At the bottom of the bucket, was the “groom’s” severed head.

“9 1 1, what is your emergency?” said the operator.

The Hacker’s Back” Marty whispered.



50 thoughts on “Wax On, Wax Off With His Head

  1. Nan, this sounds very sinister. I’m guessing it was the real head, not the one from the decoration. Yuk!! Just an aside, “groom’s” need an apostrophe in both places.


    • Hi Janet! Thanks for the heads up on the correct punctuation of groom’s. I appreciate it! Also, thanks for stopping by! Yes, it was the real head of the real groom! Have a good week! Nan 🙂

  2. Marriage murder! I wonder how Marty knows so much about this “Hacker”. from the news, or something more?
    Not what he needed after a hard day’s wedding duty.

  3. Nan, Looks like there’s been trouble with this “hacker” before. He/she’s just ruined what could have been a lovely marriage. I wonder where the bride is or was when this was happening. I hope she hasn’t been kidnapped. O_o Good, well-written story. 🙂


    • Thank you patriciaruthsusan. I don’t know – I could have written a story some other way, but my funny bone got me again, and I thought the wax melt she bride was melting –
      “Oh, my beautiful wickedness is gone!”

  4. Nan, What a story. Love the title. How unfortunate for the clean up guy. Even though he now
    has enough money for the bed at Ikea. There is a lot to say about about the comment “Heads will roll”. Your sis, Ann

    • Dear Rochelle, Good use of words! You are so clever! Thanks for the picture and all the work you do! We are so extremely lucky to have you as our fearless leader! I especially enjoyed your piece on Florence Nightengale. Very interesting and entertaining! Thanks! Nan!

    • Thanks Rochelle! I’ve been sick all week and have company (the good kind). Sorry, I may not get all of the stories read this week. Thank you for being out leader! I can’t imagine the hours you must spend reading these stories! Thanks, Nan

  5. How does such a nice lady like you, end up thinking such dastardly things?! 😉 I love the first half of this, Nan. You really set a scene, that feels real and tender… the twist, ouch! Nicely done!

    • Dear Dawn, I don’t know – I have laryngitis and a sinus infection so I think I took it out on a poor innocent newly wed couple. Shameless behavior by moi! I have good company and haven’t had too much time to read stories. I will read yours though! Have a good week. Nan 🙂

  6. Naon, you have such an imagination in story telling, all sorts of goings on. The only thing is, they merits longer writings as am always wanting to read more about what and how things happened.
    Enjoy reading them.

    • Thanks for reading the stories! Peggy, this writing club is for 100 word count stories only. That is why you think you’re only getting part of the stories. 100 words doesn’t take long to run out of space. It’s quite a feat to make it right on a hundred.

  7. Nan, guess I am used to spellcheck – will write again. You have such an imagination in story telling, all sorts of goings on. The only thing is, they merit longer writings as am always wanting to read more about and how things happen. Enjoy reading them.

    • Dear Snow, Thanks for reading my story! I appreciate it so much! You know, I think there was a show on TV last season about a “HEADLESS HORSEMAN – which could be a groom now and it would fit -I mean the head- with the story! Thanks for stopping by! Nan 🙂

    • Dear Adam, Thanks for stopping by and reading my story. This has been a super busy week for me, Mike went to Colorado to fish with his brothers, Ann (my twin) came to visit from Texas, and 1 of our kids moved into an apartment until their new home gets built, with handicap access. I got laryngitis, a sinus infection. Now, don’t tell me I’m not old. Glad you were intrigued, I’m living on cough syrup and antibiotics. Have a good week, Nan 🙂

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