Elvis Lives!

photoCopyright – Björn Rudberg

By, Nan Claire Falkner

You ain’t nothing but a houndog.” The old man coughed out.

“What kind of guitar is that?” questioned the reporter/singer.

Now listen Boy, this is not a guitarron but a mandolin. On Monday nights I play “Spanish Harlem” with my mariachi band.

And, they all think he’s dead. I got me a Hard Headed Woman and we live In the Ghetto by the Heartbreak Hotel.  By the way, you snot nosed reporter, we’re going to “Blue Hawaii” for our honeymoon!

Elvis, wanna-be, left the building strumming his guitar, singing Jailhouse Rock: “Goin’ to the party at the County Jail…”



68 thoughts on “Elvis Lives!

    • Thanks, it’s a stupid little story but I had fun looking up titles. BTW, I read some posts on your blog tonight – you get to have fun! Thanks for reading Sandra. Nan 🙂

  1. Know what? I’m just a shade young for that. To me back then, Elvis was a greaser and I couldn’t understand why the Beatles spoke so positively of him. Later on I came to recognize his talents and influence on modern music. So to me now, Elvis DOES LIVE!

    • Thanks Perry, Elvis was in the Army by the time I got to High School, then here came the Beatles, but my favorite is Mo Town still! Thanks for stopping by! Nan 🙂

  2. i may be too young to understand most of this haha but i still found it entertaining. elvis definitely still lives. there’s a local diner that i frequently visit and the place is so nice with audrey hepburn, marilyn monroe and elvis’ posters all over the walls… a jukebox, and vintage stuff. 🙂 really nice

    • I’ve been to hamburger joints like that and they are decorated really is nice. Elvis was on the way out when I got to high school, but I remember his songs. Then here came the Beatles, but my favorites were from Detroit – MoTown

  3. Good and amusing story. XD I remember when Elvis first become famous. I had other favorites, but he was talented. Also, he had a good manager for whom Elvis was a real prize. Well written. 🙂

    • Dear Patriciaruthsusan, Thanks for reading – I really didn’t have anything to drink the night I wrote this but I heard Suspicious Minds on the TV. We’re old and listen to a lot of “oldies” music. Thank you for reading my story. Nan 🙂

    • Thanks Rochelle, Elvis was passe when I was in High School he was in the Army. When he came back he made some movies, first one (I think) being Blue Hawaii. But the Beatles were there at the time. My favorite singers were from MoTown. Maybe he is on Mars licking – hey who knows?

    • Thanks Alice, Elvis was a character and I didn’t realize how big he was until he wasn’t anymore. He did have a wonderful voice, but I sure didn’t like the way he treated his wife (none of my business, I know). I felt sorry for her. My favorite song is “Suspiscious Minds.” Thanks for reading! Nan 🙂

  4. Thankuverymuch! A moving and funny story. I always kick myself as I turned down the chance to go to Graceland. Wasn’t much of an Elvis fan back then. I did visit Sun Studios though!

  5. Nice slipping in all those Elvis titles! I used to love watching his musical films where I was a kid.
    I think a lot of us have wondered what that round guitar is actually called!

    • Hey Bjorn, There are a million Elvis stories out there. He had a great voice and I really liked a few of his songs. Just like the Beatles, I didn’t like all their songs either. The Mama’s & Papa’s were great, and Mo-Town from Detroit, my favorite artists. Thanks for reading! Nan 🙂

  6. You know you are getting old when the actors and musicians you grew up with are also in their 60’s… Did you know that ‘Elvis’ is really a Vampire? … well in the Sookie Stackhouse stories anyway 😉
    Thanks for your visit. ~Jules

    • I’m listening to “Good luck charm” on the Solid Gold Oldies right now, and it’s good – not one of his best, but still good. I like Mo-Town or Mama’s & Papa’s, Neil Diamond, Righteous Brothers, Three Dog Night – OOps they just said “Eli’s coming!” Have a good week! Nan 🙂

  7. What a rocking story! I love how you cleverly tied in those songs into the story. While I first thought this “Elvis” character was a little over-the-top, I realized that’s exactly what the man was! So, Elvis clearly has not left the building! Well done!

    • Dear Adelie, Elvis was always over the top! Women were in the crowd literally yelling for him to throw them a scarf that he had wiped his face with. He gave away10 or more scarves each concert. Elvis also bought a lot of his friends convertibles. He had a good voice but he was flippin’ nuts.

    • Thank you Sarah Ann, that is so sweet of you but, you do have a wonderful imagination! I had fun with it and started laughing so hard. Thanks for reading my story! Nan 🙂

    • Conjugate chuckle. I chuckle, You chuckle, He,She,It chuckles, We chuckle, You chuckle, They chuckle. Ok, I gave myself 8 because of He,She,It. So, I need 92 more? Thanks for reading my story! Nan 🙂

  8. Hi Nan, cute story. My favorite line was “Now listen Boy, this is not a guitarron but a mandolin.” The youngster has a lot yet to learn, but I think he’s headed in the right direction.

    • Thanks Mythrider, I thought this was a great picture to write about this week! Then I got to thinking of Elvis (I know not why). So, that is what I came up with and a guitarron is really big. Boy will learn his instruments some day I’m sure – have a good week! Thanks for stopping by! Nan 🙂

  9. Hi Nan, I thought the story was right on target. There are a lot of Elvis want to be s. He was quite a singer and performer. He had a great voice. And I loved to watch his performances on TV or at the
    movies with you. Sister Ann

    • Dear BEST TWIN SISTER EVER in the world: Thanks for stopping by and reading my story! Bring a jacket (1) cause it will warm up Monday. Can’t wait to see you! Nan or Twin B 🙂

  10. love your Elvis wanna be character, Nan! i bet he enjoyed getting all dressed up for the part, practicing the hip moves 😛 and singing all those classic songs. fun story. 🙂

  11. Oh, I did like this!

    If you’re interested, check out my flash fic ‘Jolene’ which deals with Chuck Berry and a pink Cadillac. Your story is pretty much the same era, and I loved it!

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