Desert on the Dessert

Desert on the Dessert

By, Nan Claire Falkner

“Daddy! Ice cream fell!”

“Audrey & Max – Hurry!”

Miles shouted “5 second rule!” as the gates of hell opened and the seagulls swooped toward the dome of deliciousness.

Every crab scurried over the pebbles, pinchers clicking as they lifted themselves up and over rocks. Going sideways slowed the criters, but with treats like rocky road ice cream and sand sprinkles, everyone was doing double time.

Grandpa smiled at the vision of chaos unfolding before him. He paid the vendor and gave the cone to Max.

As he reached Max, his shoestrings tangled, the desert on the dessert began again.


22 thoughts on “Desert on the Dessert

    • Rochelle, thanks for your support. I was in KU hospital with fully blocked carotid artery (too many Twinkies)! Wow – it was so much fun – Brilliant surgeon, Florence Nightingale nurses, truly a vacation to remember! And that is the reason I was so late this week. I really enjoy writing in this group. Thank you . . . 🙂

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