Nada Wedding Ring

Nanda Wedding Ring

By,  Nan Claire Falkner

Early in the summer, migrants arrived vying to make the coveted list of employees for the season.

Kathy  was  the 3rd grade teacher at the school. 

Juan had been gone half a year and would be mad.

She hadn’t called him sooner, but he was the one that had left.

She could see the truck coming and sitting inside the cab, was Juan and his ex-girlfriend.

She rang the damn bell,  went to the baby carriage and picked up little Juan.

The truck stopped and he ran over to her, lipstick on his face.

“Kathy, we’ll get married tomorrow!”



20 thoughts on “Nada Wedding Ring

  1. Nan, Kathy was right to say that she wasn’t going to marry the cad. Life would be ok with her an the baby. Such is life. Ann

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